1) A warrior woman's heart is tough as nails on the outside; but don't mistake that for being unfeeling. She is used to waving her sword high and howling a battle cry to the heavens as she fights injustice in the world. But that doesn't mean she doesn't feel every single thing with intensity. Don't mistake her fierce ferocious fire for being aloof or uncaring. She is a soul deep woman and her heart is a vast wilderness of unexplored treasure.

2) She needs to retreat. She builds walls brick by brick walling herself in sometimes. She does this for protection. She does this to recharge. She does this because she needs time to think. She does this because the past has made it necessary for her to do so out of survival and to protect her soft heart. Sometimes she needs to sit with her open heart to gain deeper understanding of her feelings. She will crumble them when the time is right, emerging more grounded in her truth and centered in her heart than before as she rises from the ashes.

3) She needs a safe space to open fully. She is a wildflower; she won't blossom when she is cut and stuffed into a vase. She's been sliced to bits by love in the past. She needs to create a sacred space of trust with another to be able to open up her heart fully.

4) A warrior woman's heart is not here for you to conquer, play or own. That's not how loving a fierce woman works. You don't tame her and you don't subdue her. She's not a trophy or a conquest. She knows all the games and lines, so just don't. If you're looking for something to dabble in and occupy a little of your time, the heart of a warrior woman isn't meant to be your playground, so move along. She's wants someone who has done their work and is rooted in their truth. She wants real love or nothing at all.

5) Yes, it can be a long path for her to open and trust. She has been let down and hurt so much in the past, even if she never whispers a word of the betrayals upon her ocean-deep-heart. And each time she has come back stronger and braver than before. She wants someone just as strong and brave to be worthy at her side. That's who she opens to, respects and trusts.

6) She loses hope at times. Her faith has been shaken. She tries to believe in something more and sometimes it's hard. But she is working through the rubble, sifting through the lessons and crafting new beliefs with her own fingers. She has been in the war zone of love and suffered the aftershocks. She is a warrior, she will survive and thrive, but it can take time.

7) She needs someone who can meet her equally in the bedroom. She's not looking to dampen down her desires and swallow her fantasies. She wants someone to dance with her in the fires of ecstasy. She's looking for passionate, soul deep sacred union, not just a disconnected junk food quick fix.

8) She's deep, dark and layered. Within her beats a kind heart of gold, but with as a deeply feeling being she can spend a lot of time dancing with her shadows and moving through the darkness. There are lessons for her here, and she will rise from the ashes greater than before.

9) She does want to be deeply loved, cherished, and adored but she may have given up on that dream a long time ago. This doesn't mean she wants to be solitary forever, but it means that the bar is raised higher on who she will let into her sacred temple and be embraced by the powerful beauty of her love.

10) She's used to people running away when she needed them, so she goes it alone. Sometimes they think she's got this because she is always so strong. Some are intimidated at the thought of a fire-breathing woman needing them for anything. She's not looking for you to save her or to solve her problems. She's her own heroine. She's a warrior woman and she breathes fire. She will get back up again once she is knocked down, but it's encouraging to know there are pillars that stand with her when the days are darkest.

11) A warrior woman's heart is worth it. Her love is a once-in-a-lifetime, out of this world, rare and mystical power to behold and be enfolded by. Her heart and her love is one of the most courageous, beautiful, passionate and powerful things you will ever encounter on this planet. True, it's not for the faint of heart, but it is worth it. I promise you.

~ Are you ready for connected, healthy soul unions? ~

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