As a tough, self-sufficient, do-it-all Wonder Woman, it can be hard for me to ask for what I need.

It's something I have struggled with in this life as I come from a long line of fiery, do-it-all, "I got this" women.

Now, there's nothing wrong with being self-reliant and knowing how to handle everything under the Sun. But it can leave us alien to the concept of connecting within and giving a voice to what we truly need.

I know so many of you out there can identify with this.

As beings living in a fast paced world, the realization and articulation of our needs can take a back burner to everything else going on around us.

Family, career, schedules, deadlines; everything takes front and center stage and we trail behind gobbling up whatever crumbs are left hoping someday it will lead us to a banquet.

The reality: we're the only ones who can make that banquet happen and it starts with honoring our needs.

It's ok to ask for the basic needs of life-like food and shelter.

But when we start asking for more, for some reason we clam up as to not appear needy, we even shut down the realization of it from ourselves.

We've been taught that we need to provide everything on our own, to go within, and to dig deep inside our own well. If we ask for anything, then we're labelled as needy. We question our own worthiness in regards to the very things that we want to experience in this life.

What the heck is wrong with being vocal about your needs anyways? If needs are the basic foundation of life, why can't we build a life out of all of our needs, not just a select few? If this is the experience you're here to embody, why wouldn't you want to make the most of it?

To make more of that, wouldn't you ask for more? And when it comes to only having to reply on ourselves, what's the point of living on a planet with other people if not to co-create some experiences?

When is it ok to cross the line from "wish" it to "need" it in your life?

Now this looks different for each of us, we all need different things.

Some of us need true love, others need to live in the forest and some need to paint every day.

Some of us need the families, the careers, and the deadlines.

Needs look different from each individual perspective on this planet. Only you know the true call of your heart and what you are being pulled to experience.

Who decides if it a luxury item in your life or an important part of your life puzzle?

Maybe it's the thing you're here to do and by shutting it out you're turning away from a vital thread on the path to your purpose?

I want you to do something with me for a moment. Feel free to play with the words as you see fit. I just used what I said to myself earlier.

I want you to sit down or stand whatever you want. I want you to close your eyes, tap into your heart and really connect with that unheard part of you that whispers in the middle of the night.

You know the one I'm talking about, don't pretend. The voice that lives past your armor, the one that whispers to you all the things that you need that you feel you don't deserve. The one that you work out, work harder and work extra hours to ignore.

Got it? Ok, I want you to tap into this secret place, this tomb of unheard needs. I want you to give voice to the whispers of the needs that haunt you.

Ready? Set, GO!

"I honor my needs as important. I am worthy of what I need. I am open to what I need. I need ___."

Say it out loud and give a voice to what it is that you authentically need.

How do you feel? Kinda feels pretty good to get that out in the open doesn't it?

What you will learn (or what I learned) was the truth of my needs when I let go of my armor for a moment, dropped the Wonder Woman mask, got vulnerable with myself and tapped into my heart

A very powerful alchemy begins when we begin to honor what we want. It's a potent first step on the path to realization.

We can get so mixed up thinking the things that we are desiring are just that, desires.

Wishes. Something imaginary that we hope for when we see a star falling from the sky.

However, the reality of the situation is we are here to live this life.

When we break down the walls of our own heart and face the whispers that come from within, are these just wishes or are these needs that you need to be a puzzle piece in your life?

So whether you need to paint everyday, walk on the beach at sunset or open to the love of your life, don't let anyone or anything convince you these are something extra that you don't really need. You are the only one who can dictate the truth of what you need in your world.

So give yourself permission to honor your needs. You won't regret it.


~Do you hear the call of the Priestess?~

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