To say there has been a lot rising lately would be a minor understatement.

We've been in the grips of a multitude of powerful forces for months now that have been bringing so much to the surface in our lives including:

  • bringing us face to face with our truth
  • awareness to our sticky bits
  • spotlights into our blockages
  • clarity to much needed lessons
  • dreams into focus
  • growth opportunities coming into view
  • awakening
  • shadows that need to be integrated
  • shift in sleep patterns & energy levels
  • changes in health routines
  • changes in beliefs, thought & perceptions
  • hard time dealing with technology
  • needing a lot of alone/integration time
  • showing us what needs to be released

This has been a very potent deep dive for so many. We've been bombarded by wave after wave of shifting tides from every direction and there is so much more yet to come.


What can we do on the path ahead?

Be present.

This is YOUR unfolding right now. These are your lessons, your truths and your perspectives that are shifting within you. This is powerful, life changing and potent, if you are present with it. These shifts aren't just for a few people who are tuned to it, everyone to some degree or another has been feeling this massive shift, they've just been embodying it different.

While one may be riding the tides of this energy and opening to the unfolding journey to come on new paths, some block the energy and embody it with physical symptoms.

Be present with what is rising for you. Feel into your emotions. Trust your intuition. This is your story. This is your truth.


Love your shadow self as part of your truth.

Like Inanna during her journey into the Underworld to meet her dark sister Erishkegal, you have to be willing to meet with all of your aspects and in the end die to the old false veiled life and embrace the transformation that comes when we strip off the gold gowns and walk naked towards the whole of our being.

Walk with your shadows. Love them. Hug them. Hear them. The time for hiding them in the basement is over.

Our "shadows" have so much that they are here to teach us, if we have the ears to listen. This time calls us into a face to face meeting with all the aspects of our being for some much needed conversation.

It's not about light vs dark. With the shifts that have been going on and will continue to unfold, we need to step out of the realm of thinking that this is light work and this is dark work. All that we do now we do on the path towards our deepest truth and this encompasses every aspect of your being including the sticky bits.


Drop. The. Masks.

First, you don't need them where you're going. Next, they don't serve your truth. And aren't you getting tired of them anyways?

This period has been huge for helping us shine a spotlight on the versions of ourselves that no longer exist including the decisions those 1.0 versions made, the thoughts they had and the lives they led which have shifted since they created them.

We change. Our wants change. So do our desires, dreams and hopes. Why would we stay unmoving and unchanged instead of joining the flow forwards?

It's now up to us if we want to shift with them and transform into the new life the 2.0 version is dreaming of



Don't panic. There is a lot of energy moving around, but don't think you need to run out and change every aspect of your world just because this is a time of shifting.

This is a time of bringing into focus the things that NEED shifting and shines a light on all the places that fit you already. It's like a litmus test for what you want or don't want in your life.

When these shifts happen I talk to people who have things working smoothly in their lives that they've already done the work on and they don't feel they need to change them, but they think because of everything going on around them they should.

Be here with the truth for you in this moment. There are always other shifts and more energy. That never ends. Dance this one in the place that you are without it needing to be anything else.


Trust your intuition.

Your inner compass combo of feeling and intuition is your BFF right now. Tap into this deep well of knowing and LISTEN. It is telling you so much right now.

Hear the messages, the signs and the signals. See the synchronicity and the coincidences. Yes, there is a lot of information that is coming in right now, but open to it and how your compass feels to it. You will get so much wisdom from heeding its call.

These shifts can be draining, so take the time you need to recuperate. Get plenty of rest when you need, even if sleep is illusive then even just laying there with some calm music can help. Get lots of fresh air and nature time, remember to breath, eat nourishing food that fuels you and forgive yourself on the way.

All of this isn't about perfection. It's about the never-ending unfolding path into everything that you are. This is your dance, this is your song. This is about your truth no one else's. Allow it to flow and to be experienced not to be judged.

And never forget that you got this.

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