"Do you know how often your kind ask me about this?" The Full Moon asked.

I stared up at the night sky. What could I say in defense of humans? I felt like I was on trial for every person that had ever glanced skywards and inquired anything at all to the bright orb.

"You've seen it all," I managed finally. "You've been watching us as long as we've been here. If anyone knows anything about love it would be you."

I swear she rolled her eyes.

"Ah but would you listen!" she said exasperated. "Humans have such a knack for ignoring the obvious."

I'm not sure what I expected when talking to the Moon, but her level of tough love sure seemed high tonight. Then again she was in Virgo, I reminded myself. And eclipse season was coming.

"What about missing something we've never known? If we're so smart why do we want something we can't even explain?" I retort.

"That's the ache," replied the Moon. "Without the aching, the longing stretch in your soul you would never yearn for more. Then how would you find what you were meant for? You're born knowing so much and you bury everything along the way which is why you need to go so deep within to find everything again."

"Why can't we just find it without the ache? Without all the heartache?"

"You would want to find what you are meant for before you're ready? Can you imagine meeting the love of your life and not being ready?

No, you ache to lead you on the way towards your desires and along the way you yourself change, much like me in the night sky. You wax and wane, Full of illumination and then towards the darkness within to gain wisdom.

You evolve towards that which you were born to be following the compass of your heart. When you are who you were born to be, that's when it happens.

You have to be your truth to find something just as true."

"So, do you wish humans would just stop talking to you about love?" I asked finally breaking what seemed to be a thousand years of silence in the cold night air.

She sighed. "My dear human, keep whispering. The words that all of you share to the night sky are the ones that you speak to your open heart. Saying it to me is like planting it deep within your own soul.

You till the soil in the darkness and when the time is right you speak the seeds. Yes, they are waters deep with tears. There is an ache of splitting open when they shoots come forth. When the Earth shatters and the ground breaks with the coming sprout, you feel the shift and the change.

But when the fruits come, when the leaves bear fruit you will be glad for the ache that caused you to ask for it. When you have lived as long as I have you learn to relish the cycles, the seasons and the time that moves in between them. Everything exists in that flow.

All you have to do is let go into it. Surrender to the whisper your heart longs to speak."

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