Because I am a woman, I have been made to sit aside over the ages as the patriarchy rose.

I was brought up to be good, to be quiet and to sit like a proper lady in a world that would never treat me as a lady should be treated. I cut my teeth on advertising that told me my value should be measured in gifts and praise given by others when it was always something that was found within.

Because I am a woman, I am trained that other women are my enemy. I should be jealous of their accomplishments/husbands/Facebook highlight reel. That there isn't enough and we all need to fight over scraps tossed to us by a paradigm that benefits from our bickering and insecurity.

Because I am a woman, I am called a bitch if I speak my truth.

I am overly ambitious if I go after what I want and I am called blunt and mean if I say what is on my mind.

I am called a smart mouth if I fire back in defense of derision.

I am a slut if I enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and dancing in the flames of desire.

I am told to stand in line, wait my turn and take from the buffet one everyone else has eaten.

I am called hippie or beat-nick when I talk of equal rights and peace for all.

I am old that I should behave.

I am told how much or little hair to have on every ounce of my body and somehow this makes me more or less feminine.

I am told I should be soft and not a fighter, I should be stoic and not emotional, and that every tear has to be justified.

Because I am a woman, some treat me like I am a piece of meat and I'm supposed to laugh it off.

That the only time that I bear worthiness is at the end of another body or attention, both of which are at the liberty of someone else's definition.

Because I am a woman, I am told how I dress matters in my safety.

It is explained from a young age that what length of dress I wear decrees an invitation to the opposite sex. That by covering up I am clad in armor and will not be hurt. Which is a denim covered lie.

I could be your sister. Your daughter. Your wife. Your mother.

I am human. I am a living, breathing, heart-beating being.

I am not a flesh coated joke here for your amusement and disposal.

All because I am a woman.

What is a woman?

What were you taught she was?

Isn't she anything she wants to be?

Isn't it her place and her right to define herself and re-define herself in every moment as she sees fit?

Isn't it her place as a member of the human race to decide for herself every facet that comprises her world without having to worry that everyone is judging her?

Shouldn't we teach our daughters to speak their minds?

To stand up and not sit down?

To live their truth and dance wildly on the discarded beliefs that don't serve them?

Shouldn't we tell them that their worth is a birth-rite and not defined by marriage, sex, children, status or hair?

That they are not here to be toys and playthings for anyone.

That they have the right to be safe no matter what, no matter where and no matter with who.

That they can buy their own roses, worship at their own divine altar and praise their sisters?

That they can wear however much or little makeup, clothes or tattoos that they want without caring what others think.

That they can be whatever they want without fear. That there is enough for all of us to thrive and soar.

Isn't it time we took back our bodies, our spirits, our hearts and our minds?

Isn't it time that we embraced the wild, feminine truth of all that we are without having to feel shame, guilt and self loathing?

Isn't it time we re-defined the world to fit who we are in this moment instead of trying to shove ourselves in an outdated paradigm which is crumbling and not serving humanity?

Isn't it time to go back to the Earth, back to Gaia, to nature and to our roots? To show respect to the branches that feed and nourishes us?

Isn't it time we grabbed one another by the hand and celebrated the medicine we bring into this world without needing to question, judge or ridicule it?

Isn't it time we open ourselves to the truth of the love beating in our hearts and the passions burning in our souls?

Isn't it time to rise?

I will act, speak, think and do as I please. I will not bow, scrape or bend. I will soar.

Because I am a woman.


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