One of the most important facets to any ritual is clarity. When we get clear and focused on what we are wanting, we are able to call it into being. To help us manifest it, we can use the Elemental Ritual for Drawing Love.

In this ritual, we will craft a practice of sacred intention to help focus on the traits that we are asking the Universe to bring to us in the form of a partner. As we do this, we gain deeper insight into what it is we are wanting and needing in a relationship. We are going to be looking to the four elements to help us in clarifying, focusing and calling love into our lives. Each element governs certain energy and attributes and we will use this as a framework to create our practice.

As with any working regarding drawing or calling love, become the embodiment of the kind of love you are looking to call into you life. We are a magnetic beacon and can draw to us powerful manifestations.

To begin, clear your sacred space with some sacred smoke such as sage, sweet grass or cedar. If you can't use smoke, you can clear with an essential oil spray or diffuser, salt water, or some clearing crystals. As always, watch where you are spraying when it comes to furniture, flooring or where there are pets and kids.

Once you have your sacred space cleared and you are settled in, gather your supplies. For extra potent energy, you can do the Elemental Ritual for Drawing Love on a Friday when the Moon is waxing to increase the drawing energy, on a Full Moon for illumination or a New Moon to call in new beginnings. Honor your guidance on when the time is right for you.

You will need:

✩ one item to represent each of the four elements (sand, rocks, stick for Earth; feather, incense for Air; candle or Himalayan lamp for Fire; shells, water for Water) ✩ paper and pen ✩ candle (if you are able to do so safely) (can anoint with rose, jasmine, sandalwood oil) ✩ love drawing crystals ✩ natural offering to the Earth (bird seed, some flowers or petals, a crystal) ✩ bonfire**

** If you are unable to have a bonfire to release the list that you have created, there are other ways you can send it to the Universe. You can bury it in the dirt outside in your garden and "plant" it. You can write what you are calling onto the seashore and let the waters carry your intentions away. You can just speak them to the Moon if that is the simplest way. The ritual is flexible, work with what makes you comfortable. Rites aren't meant to be impossible, but to empower your intention.

Crystal Allies: 

Rose Quartz: Compassion, true love, healing heart chakra and blocks against love ✩ Ametrine: Balances masculine/feminine, heals blocks between soulmates and calls them into being ✩ Unakite: Draws what is "meant to be" like twin soul and soulmate unions ✩ Rutilated Quartz: Powerful manifesting crystal to amplify drawing love energy into being ✩ Blue Aragonite: Tied to twin flames, acts as a drawing point to deep soul unions ✩ Auralite 23: A powerful manifesting and drawing crystal, helps to bring the unseen into reality ✩ Citrine: A great crystal for clearing negative energy out of sacred space

**All of these crystals can be found in my Etsy shop here: The Goddess Circle Etsy Shop


Place your candle on a solid table where it won't be disturbed, or if you feel called you can do this outside by a bonfire if you are able. Assemble your chosen elemental totems with the candle. You can place your Earth representative to the North, Air to the East, the candle in the South, and the Water to the West. If you wish, you can also play some calming music to add to the atmosphere, or spend some time drumming, whatever you need to get comfortable and centered.

Light a candle and ask for clarity to guide you in this sacred rite.

"I invite clarity to my body, mind, spirit and heart as I open to the authenticity of what I am calling into being. May I be guided by my heart and centered in my truth."

Take some time to get clear on the in-depth details of what you are wishing to call into being. This isn't about focusing on one particular person. This is about looking into the depths of your needs, wants and desires to pinpoint the exact traits you are looking at in a partner. Once you are clear about what you are looking for, you can invite them into your world.

Here are some examples of each of the Elemental directions and what they stand for.

North (Earth): Stability, strength, honesty, reliability, foundation, commitment, practicality, abundance, loyalty, health, responsibility, growth, roots

East (Air): Thought, intuition, intelligence, communication, knowledge, freedom, expression, imagination ideas, discover, travel, humor, presence

South (Fire): Passion, sexuality, love, inspiration, leadership, change, transformation, willpower, intensity, desire, creativity, intuition, possibility, courage, understanding

West (Water): Emotion, love, wisdom, openness, purification, healing, moods, fertility, caring, spiritual, sensitive, feeling, empathic

On your paper make four sections, one for each element. Begin to list the attributes you are wanting to call into being in a mate in each section. Go with your gut on where you feel the attributes fit best and get creative. Focus on what you are wanting to call into your world, so focus on what is wanted not what is not wanted.

Take as long as you need to craft the list that you feel is complete.  When you feel you are done, face your Elemental totems. You may choose to hold each element as you speak your list out loud or you may feel placing a hand on it is fine, do as you are called and trust your intuition.

To the North: Touch the totem to the North or if you are outdoors, place a hand on the Earth below.

"I call upon the Element of Earth to bring solid foundations for me to build a relationship on. I call into being a partner who is (insert your attributes here) Example: honest and loyal, who wants to build a life with me, who is grounded and stable,  a strong person to stand by my side. As I will it, so it is."

To the East

Touch the totem to the East or if you are outdoors, place your hands in the air above.

"I call upon the Element of Air to bring inspiration and communication to my sacred union. I call into being a partner who is (insert your attribute here) Example: is thoughtful, a great communicator, is very expressive in what they want, who is present in body, mind, spirit and heart. As I will it, so it is."

To the South:

Touch the candle base or if you are outdoors around a bonfire, hold your hands to be warmed by the fire.

"I call upon the Element of Fire to bring passion to my partnership. I call into being a lover who is (insert your attributes here) Example: is open sexually, very creative, passionate and inspired. As I will it, so it is."

To the West:

Touch your totem to the West and touch the water.

"I call upon the Element of Water to bring deep love and devotion to my sacred union. I call into being a partner who is (insert your attributes here) Example: open emotionally, sensitive, kind and caring. As I will it, so it is."

"I call upon the Universe to hear my intentions and draw to me what I seek. Let only those who are worthy of intent and heart be called to my sacred altar. With open heart and open mind, I open all roads that lead to my intentions. May the path between me and my desires be clear. May I embody love and may love flow to me. So it is."

When you are finished your Elemental Ritual for Drawing Love, you can offer your list to the Universe in the sacred flames of a bonfire if you feel called or you may keep the list or offer it in another way. Give thanks to the Elements for working with you and for the Universe for hearing your wishes. Offer your natural gift to the Earth and give thanks.

To help manifest this quickly, keep the traits and characteristics in mind as you open to love in your life and don't settle for what isn't in alignment with the call of your heart.

As you go forward, ensure that you are mirroring to the Universe the attributes you are wanting to call into being. If you are wanting someone stable, ground yourself deeper in stability. If you are looking for someone open, ensure that you are being open and honest. As we are so we attract.

So it is.

~ Are you ready for connected, healthy soul unions? ~

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