I am OBSESSED with Himalayan Rock Salt lamps. I have 10 of them living in my house right now (and the number will grow I'm sure). I can't help myself. They are so amazing for body, mind and spirit.

Not only are these luminescent treasures beautiful with a soft and soothing glow, they are good for well-being, health and very beneficial in energy work and ritual.


Health Benefits:

Himalayan rock salt combats air pollution and allergens, infuse the air with negative ions, and "freshens" the air in the surrounding area in the way that a thunderstorm does. This makes it easier to breathe and many who are devoted to the benefits of these lamps swear by the respiratory help they bring.

These lamps are particularly good to place around electronic equipment for those who report being affected by the electromagnetic pollution that they emit. Stress from these can arise causing sleep issues, irritability, nervousness and general unease.

However these lamps can counteract this energy. Simply place a lamp near your computer or anywhere you have offending items that cause you unease.


Well being:

Himalayan rock salt lamps aid in general well-being by casting a soothing, relaxing glow anywhere they are featured. Harsh lighting can cause stress on us while these are a more relaxing way to add some light and ambiance. I find them to be a positive mood booster especially in the Winter where the daylight hours are so few.

Their warm glow casts an illuminating reminder that there is still light in the darkness. The luminescent pink hue is very soothing and lends itself very well in any working where nurturing feminine energy is called for. It also resonates with the higher heart chakra which color is pink which symbolizes unconditional love for all.


Energy work & ritual:

Himalayan rock salt lamps are very beneficial in yoga, massage and meditation rooms,  as well in any areas that you do practices such as grounding, intention setting, manifestation work as the cleansing and purifying it offers greatly improves the working. They are also very good to use if you want to create sacred space if you don't want or are unable to burn candles in an area.

They look amazing when placed in a Red Tent or Goddess Gathering, are amazing for writing areas, and especially anywhere around computers and electronics. You can also use loose Himalayan salt to create a spray for cleansing like a smudge spray, which can clear the energy in any area you need very quickly.

You can also use the salt sprinkled around your doorways as protection or in any other ritual recipes that call for sacred salt. Another powerful and simple way to use these clearing and purifying salt is to sprinkle some in your bath when you need a little detox. They are extremely potent as a toxin absorbed. They are also very tasty and are much more beneficial on your kitchen table than regular salt.


Care & Feeding:

As with anything that casts heat, keep away from flammable items and keep them on a solid base. If you live in a very humid area, you may experience some sweat from them as they take on moisture or if you use the candle holders they may pool water. Examine them frequently to ensure they maintain their quality. As with any nature item, source them to insure that they are harvested ethically.


So whether you choose them in lamp style, bowl, or candle holder Himalayan rock salt is a calming and simple way to add well-being, health and ambiance to any space. You can find Rock Salt Lamps here in my Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TheGoddessCircle


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