Eclipse season is a lot like falling down the rabbit hole and tumbling into Wonderland.

Everything becomes topsy-turvy, nothing makes much sense and you don't know up from down. You're confused, you don't know the path ahead and you're pretty sure a caterpillar just gave you some advice.

It's like a mad tea party is happening and everything is rising all at once.

Eclipses turn everything upside down for a reason. They help us to see things in a different light and in a new way. They can offer new solutions to problems that seem like they have been ongoing forever. They can also clear away some of the "stuck" places and get things moving where they are frozen. They can show us feelings and shadows that are needing to be seen. They can also manifest powerful changes in our world.

Since they themselves occur so rapidly over a short period of time, they have the power to move energy very quickly and usher great change in the blink of an eye.

They are so powerful they influence our world whether we can see them or not. Eclipses bring us the opportunity to clear away the cobwebs and the threads of what no longer serve us, they gift to us a time of illumination and clarity where we are able to see the truth of situations clearly and they offer us hope for what is flowing in from the unseen.

The Eclipse season begins a few weeks prior to the Eclipse itself at the previous New or Full Moon. This opens up the gateway of energy that ushers in this powerful time of transformation. Things wind down in the weeks following the Eclipse season though the energy still flows through our lives. The influence lasts for months after the initial Eclipses themselves and each Eclipse thread has its own energy, so each one brings different energy to our lives.

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Welcome to Wonderland.

Eclipse blessings,

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