Wild flames danced in the darkness spiraling upwards from the sacred fire, the heat chasing off the evening chill that whispered through the May breeze.

It was the night of Beltane, the Priestess thought listening to the howls and drumming in the forest deep basked in the light of the Full Moon. This was the night of the sacred marriage, of celebrating the fertility of the land, the union of the male and female and great festivals were held among the trees.

A shiver of excitement ran up her spine. She had not yet participated in the Beltane festival other than dancing and singing with the other Priestesses around the fires. But she had been feeling it, the ancient call that sung along her soul, plucking notes on silver strings woven deep within.

She knew from her training that the call came to each of them, and that it was nothing to be ashamed of or to hide and that each knew when the time was right for them.

She thought of the warriors that moved among the shadows painted with blue plant dyes in symbols honoring the Goddess, the seasons and the fertility of the land. She knew that one day soon she would dance among the trees in divine union and with the thought a little smile moved on her lips.

The Goddess sat on the other side of the fire watching her with wise sparkling eyes, a silver crescent shining on her brow that mirrored the Priestess' own. She seemed ageless and yet ancient at the same time, a fusion of all aspects of the divine feminine made manifest. A Great Grey Owl sat perched upon her arm unblinking in the firelight staring past the flames, seemingly spellbound by some unspoken enchantment and she wondered what she saw in the embers.

My daughter,” The Goddess said. “When others try to control the strings of our corsets, they become the puppet master holding the strings of our world. When they control how we view and express our sensuality and sexual hunger, this is a trap and a means of using shame to control our desires."

The Priestess nodded thinking back to a conversation that she had with her teachers. They spoke to her about honoring her sensual nature and flowing with the divine sexuality that is inherent to ones being. They explained that in this connection to the deepest part of the self there is great freedom and truth. She was told that there is no shame to be found in the realm of her desires, in the longing of her heart or in the sacredness of sex.

"Trying to contain sexual expression is like trying to trap smoke. No matter how they try, still it rises. No matter how they try to shame it into hiding, it will never remain caged." she explained.

She thought of the dancers around the Beltane fire and the sacred celebrations. How could anyone want to silence sexual expression? It was divinity in motion, she thought. An outward dance of an inner melody that could only be heard and understood by the ones moving in the powerful rhythms. How could anyone want to judge that? How could anyone want to dictate how anyone else should experience and express it?

"Spirit moves flesh in desire and prayer alike, my child." The Goddess continued. "One is not holier than the other. Each is a conduit for sacred unity and a path to the divine."

She had been told throughout her life and her Priestess training that she was a sacred sensual being and that her body as she chose to express it and enjoy it were hers and belonged to no one to dictate or shame.

Her teachers had spoken about the creative energy and the release of intention into the Universe that is created between bodies during the rites and it was a sacred practice and should not be subject to shame or ridicule by anyone.

To be fully consenting, present, authentic and conscious with another and flow in this sacred dance was the most powerful creative force in the world.

When she was still a Maiden she had wondered why some had such disdain for sacred sex, but then she had seen that opinions were based on the fear they held and the shadows that rose within their own selves pertaining to the sacred act.

She saw that these were learned beliefs, as they were not born fearing this beautiful divine dance. She saw that in this control that they would place upon the divine feminine a leash and label what they did not accept or like as "bad" or "wrong".

Without this divine dance, there would be no creation, she had always thought. Without it, everything would cease to be.

"Your sexual energy is a gift, and the sacred fire burning within you is divine. Never let your spark be extinguished by anyone, nor hide behind veils of shame. Your sexuality is as much a part of you as your own breath." The Goddess finished with a smile.

"Goddess," the Priestess said. "Your words are written on the walls of my heart and known to me, resonating deep with my truth. Thank you for your wisdom this night." she smiled at the Goddess and bowed in reverence. When she looked up once more, the Goddess had vanished into the cool dark air and she was alone.

She moved from the fireside and into the darkness of the trees following the path illuminated by the Full Moon above, her bare feet relishing the cool of the Spring grass below. In the distance she could barely hear the voices and drumming anymore, the festivities being replaced by the song of the woods that surrounded her.

The Priestess stepped into a small clearing off the forest path and stopped as a figure moved in the shadows in front of her. In the moonlight she saw the blue marks glowing like a beacon upon glistening skin and she met the eyes of a warrior.

She could feel the silver notes of the timeless call within her soul and somewhere among the branches she heard the owl whispering to the starry sky above.

She smiled in ancient knowing.

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