"My daughter," The Goddess spoke. "Deep within your soul lives the unique medicine that you were born with, your one of a kind gifts woven into the core of your being.

They don't need to be understood by everyone to make them worthy, valid and real. Never feel like you should silence the powerful magic of your spirit because of the blind eyes of others.

Open your heart to your medicine and the healing powers they bring and watch the world turn to magic before your eyes."

"I worry my talents won't be enough, Goddess. What if my gifts are not as good as someone else's?" I said.

"My dear, you are each one of you on this planet different in thought, truth and wisdom." she explained. "You are complimentary and were never meant to be imitations of one another.

Somewhere along the way jealousy was born and the myth that there wasn't enough for everyone came to be, but that is not the case nor has it ever been.

The thread of magic that is woven in your core is divinely you, my child. It cannot be imitated or stolen by anyone. Your dharma, your path and your gift are your sacred treasures. Don't forsake their sacredness by comparing them to the offering of others.

Those that would imitate the dharma of another have a rocky path ahead of them drawing at the straws of others until they finally see and embrace their own gifts.

Embrace yourself and all that you are, for you are a wonder."

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