The time of not making waves is over, of playing small and not wanting to have attention drawn where we feel it isn't deserving. It IS deserving. YOU ARE DESERVING.

We push ourselves down and try to remain compact so the world won't see for fear of judgement and scrutiny. But your wings need to be shown for you to fly.

Your voice is here to be spoken, not to remain silenced by the ideals and beliefs of others. Your truth wants to be born, to soar and fly not to remain hidden.

Being humble is one thing, but hiding your gifts and your talent and not celebrating yourself and your accomplishments from a place where you feel you don't deserve to be celebrated is a fast track to swallowing yourself whole and being buried alive forever.

Step out of the darkness and be celebrated. There's only one you like this on the planet and only you can midwife your truth into being and stand proudly beside it. You're the only one that can bring your medicine into this world.

There's only one you like this on the planet and only you can take your bow.

I'm tired.

I'm tired of playing small for the sake of other peoples realities, schedules, perceptions and expectations.

I'm done speaking half truths, half-hearted, half-assed living in a half life in which I wholly don't recognize myself.

I'm done tip toeing; now I will dance loudly on the floor of this world.

I'm done whispering; now I will scream my truth at the top of my lungs into the universe.

I am done hiding from the glorious being that is me.

I am done waiting for someday, someone, somehow, someplace when right now in this moment I am everything that I need and I am amazing.

I'm done being tired; I'm done playing small.

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