"My daughter," the Goddess said. "Love is not meant to have boundaries; it does not need walls to contain it, veils to hide it, nor documents to bind it. Love has no expiry date, is limitless, and free of judgement.

Love is a deep, penetrating warmth in which souls feel blissful peace, hearts unimaginable joy and bodies ecstatic rapture all in the sacred space of being who they really are with no need to pretend or wear masks.

Love is an open harbour even in the roughest seas, the calling of our deepest longing and the greatest treasure in the Universe." she explained.

"Love isn't always easy to define. Sometimes its like trying to explain to someone that has never tasted a strawberry before what it tastes like; how can you explain something that has no comparison? And if you cant define it, does it make it any less real?

Definitions confine to boxes and love does not live in boxes nor subscribe to the need of definitions; love needs no other name or defining characteristics other than the feeling of the beating of twin hearts and the knowing that runs deep in your soul."

"My daughter, love someone that longs to be open with you to you in all the ways you deserve to be opened wide, not just purely physically." The Goddess said. "Someone who opens your mind, body, soul and heart right into the depths of your being and opens theirs to flow right back with yours.

You deserve this as much as you deserve air and water and the earth beneath your feet; you deserve this fire, the eternal ancient flames of unconditional, raw love.

You deserve someone that will dive deep into the oceans of you and swim in the truth and depths of your spirit. You were born worthy of this and so much more."

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