One day the Crone said to me: "My daughter, they will never stop telling you to act your age, they do it to me often. And my reply has always been the same; I will act the age my soul sees fit.

If you take issue with that, then I suggest you turn away and take your leave, because I'm not going to betray my heart and sacrifice myself on the fires of your expectation." she stated emphatically.

"You see," The Crone continued. "There are some that look down their nose at the ages of women, thinking once we reach a certain age, we are past a certain use, an invisible line in the sand set there by the binding chains of the patriarchal mindset.

I always ask these people why then do they celebrate the ancient monuments that adorn the Earth? The sacred sites thousands of years old? Why do you pay reverence at places that were used in ritual many moons ago? What of the ageless moon which hangs overhead?

'They are powerful portals of deep wisdom and magic' they reply. Exactly the same as women, is what I say to them. The power grows and builds within these ancient marvels of the Earth; there is no cap on it with age. It is the same with the Divine Feminine.

They try to take our power by means of shame or ignorance, but it doesn't take our power, it takes theirs. And like the sacred places wild and raw with ancient sacred power, we stand still. We are filled with this wisdom of the Earth and her secrets, and in our divine connection to our own truth, we are ever connected to this deep well of knowing."

The Crone stared into the fire, her wise eyes eternal and sparkling.  "Daughter," she said. "I grow my hair long, though many have told me to wear hair like this is solely for the maiden.

I am still a maiden at heart and I will keep my hair all my days if that is what I wish, for I follow no rules set before me from society and perceptions of others.

They would tell me to color the grey from my tresses as well; for all the world I would not give up these strands of magic. Would you give away such treasure, such majesty so easily, I ask them? Why do you fear age and wisdom and would have me hide from your eyes?

My head is my crown and from it flows strands of silver mirroring the hue of the full moon light, the gossamer mists that part on the water's edge, the thundering powerful clouds in the sky before a storm. Watch those that try to get you to conform and bow, my daughter; more than likely they are trying to take the crown of silver from your head."



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