What we believe is a potent spell

Posted By Ara on Aug 27, 2018

What we believe is a potent spell that becomes our reality. We are powerful creators in the world that surrounds us and what we know as truth shapes things profoundly. We are constantly adding fuel to these spells with out thoughts, our words and our choices. Everything feeds their flames.

In the midst of very intense energy

Posted By Ara on Aug 27, 2018

We have been in the midst of very intense energy over the last few months. During this powerful time of great change, we are looking to the areas of our conditioning and belief that continue to hold us back and shape what we envision for the future. This is calling to what we have been taught from our family and society in a big way.

Sleep Affirmations

Posted By Ara on Jul 10, 2018

For some of us, a restful night sleep can be an elusive dream. Affirmations can help. Sleep affirmations are powerful intentional phrases that can be used to calm the body and aid in facilitating a restful night sleep by planting these seeds of intent deeply within.

Creating Crystal Grids

Posted By Ara on Jul 02, 2018

Crystal grids are fun and easy to create. I'm a huge fan of creating crystal grids to amplify and supercharge the energy of crystals and really focus and combine their specific vibration and talents.

Healing Affirmations

Posted By Ara on Jun 27, 2018

Healing affirmations are powerful intentional phrases of positive focus that work to rebalance the body, mind, heart and spirit. These seeds can be used to aid us in planting wellness within and shifting our beliefs in relation to restoring our wellbeing.

The Myth of Our Unworthiness

Posted By Ara on May 30, 2018

The myth of our unworthiness is the greatest lie that has ever been told. We cut our teeth on a system that was designed to keep us down, that by believing we were less we wouldn't reach for more. We would need to fill our voids with commercialism and by following the string they had laid out for us in order to fulfill the destiny they has envisioned for us. What a load of bull.

Persephone: Goddess of Spring & Rebirth

Posted By Ara on May 09, 2018

Persephone is a powerful Goddess for us to connect with as the Wheel of the Year turns to Spring. She is the Lady of Light who brings life and possibility back to the Earth and Goddess of the wild flora that grows. She rules innocence, beginnings and rebirth as well as being Queen of the Underworld. But how did this maiden Goddess take on the crown of Queen of the Underworld?

Grounding & Protection Affirmations

Posted By Ara on May 04, 2018

Affirmations are powerful phrases that plant positive seeds within us and aid us in shifting our beliefs. I'm going to share some powerful grounding and protection affirmations to use when you are feeling disconnected, unclear, anxious or fearful.

The myths of the Goddess of Love are not all sugar and spice. Her stories show us the many faces that humanity expresses in love some of which are obsession, vengeance and war. But was this the true face of the Goddess Aphrodite or did she start out as so much more? Was she diminished from her origins and reduced in Greek texts? Was she more than just a jealous and petulant Goddess of Love?

Today I read an article about how women chase men away. When we email them, when we text them, when we ask them how they're feeling or when we initiate making plans, we are chasing them away. Are you frickin kidding me? What year is this??? I'm not going to lie, my blood boiled.