Look for the shot

Posted By Ara on Dec 07, 2019

Life, like photography, is a series of moments which capture our attention. These moments seduce us out of our normal routine, tantalizing our senses. For a brief pause in time, the stars align perfectly and a once in a million shot presents itself to our eyes, to our experience alone.

Full Moon Crystals

Posted By Ara on Nov 19, 2019

The Full Moon is a time of illumination. It brings clarity and shows us what is or isn't working on our path. This allows us the ability to readjust and make changes to plans or ideas, refocusing our energy in a more beneficial way to manifest what we desire. The Full Moon can help tap us into our intuition so we are better able to make the decisions needed to move forward or to let go.

Protection Crystals

Posted By Ara on Oct 06, 2019

Crystals have been used for protection for thousands of years. Whether in rituals, talismans or embedded in statues dedicated to protection, Crystals and gemstones are dynamic addition to any practice. They can be added to yoga, meditation, shielding work, affirmations, ritual grids or even in dream work. Here are some of my favorite Crystals to use for protection.


When a door closes

Posted By Ara on Oct 06, 2019

Dealing with endings can be very difficult. Whether our choice or not, when a door closes we can feel great loss. Accepting things that will never be and moving away from what is known is hard. Trying to reconcile all that will never be, creating the changes that are necessary.

In an ever changing world

Posted By Ara on Oct 05, 2019

As humans, things are always changing around us. New chapters open and new beginnings sprawl promisingly in front of us. Possibility shines brightly as we move towards some long held dream. Desires inspire us and fuel our imagination. Hope springs eternal, as the old saying goes.

What is transparency in relationships? Transparency means to be open, honest and truthful.  In the context of relationships, it is vital to the evolution of the partnership. It shows trust in our partners and our ability to be vulnerable and let someone in to what we are experiencing. Without transparency, there is no sharing and it shuts down growth.

A Port in the Storm

Posted By Ara on Aug 28, 2019

During the course of our journey as humans, there are many storms we must weather. Job stress, the economy, family or personal issues. Part of our time on planet Earth is learning to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of the human experience. Is there a port in the storm? Where do we seek solace for our soul when the seas of life are rough? Where is the haven for our weary spirit?

Just because you're a woman does not make it ok for others to trespass upon you. It is not your job to put up with others issues and swallow your voice until it chokes you out of fear, feelings of inadequacy or for threat of reprisal. It is not your purpose to give up your time, energy or resources for everyone and everything out of a sense of obligation or accommodation.

Following Our Bliss

Posted By Ara on Aug 06, 2019

Following our bliss is a powerful thing. By honoring the truth of who we are and what we want, we set ourselves on an authentic unfolding journey that becomes a blissful experience we call life. Following our bliss is a path of deep trust, that in each step we move forward on this aligned path we are supported in this unfolding.

Releasing Fantasy

Posted By Ara on Jul 18, 2019

Fantasy can be a double-edged sword. While it can provide an escape from the everyday as well as give us inspiration, it can also draw us into a world of illusion. Fantasy can be a problem if we become too attached to the illusion and detached from reality. This can cause us to see people or situations in a different way other than the truth of what they authentically are.