I've always been very aware of the disagreements that occur between people.

Conflict and resolution fascinate me. I've watched people argue the same themes over and over, aware that it never went anywhere. They come to the disagreement bringing with them the same shields and defenses as always.

Dealing with Disillusion

Posted By Ara on May 04, 2019

What is disillusion?

Disillusion is the realization that things aren't the way we desire. It can mean being let down when things don't turn out the way we wish them to be. It can be losing hope in situations or realizing the truth, which can be brutal at times.

The truth of who we are

Posted By Ara on Apr 05, 2019

We get so used to being misunderstood, hiding who we are can become like second nature to us.

Hiding the very fabric of our being for fear of rejection or ridicule. We shrink, holding ourselves in so none can see our truth and judge us. We try to take up less space, keep ourselves to one corner of the world and shut the door tight to keep our prying eyes.

Breaking Tradition

Posted By Ara on Mar 07, 2019

I have always been a sucker for a love story.

Even better if there are some historical aspects to it which call to far away places or some tense time during history's dark pages.

Maktub: It is Written by the Hands of Fate

Posted By Ara on Mar 05, 2019

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has to be one of my favorite books of all time.

It tells the tale of a young boy who goes in search of his dreams and the adventure he encounters along the way. He meets colorful characters, wanders off to far away lands and opens his heart to love for the first time.

Shattered by grief

Posted By Ara on Mar 03, 2019

Grief makes everything more vibrant.

It turns up the volume on the rest of our lives. Things that are wrong or important pop. Unanswered needs or desires scream through pounding veins. Through the haze of despair, things can become more evident, if only through the deep well of emotion we are experiencing.

Even fire breathing women deserve love

Posted By Ara on Feb 24, 2019

My dear sister, I see your wild heart ache, the dance of love leaving confusion shining in your feral eyes.

It's assumed that fire breathing women do not bleed, that they are nothing more than brimstone, force and fury. What do dragons know of love, after all? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our lives are shaped by our priorities.

The things we put effort and energy into are what grow and flourish. We choose in every breath and in every moment where we put our time and resources. Where there is a lack, things wither and fade, like a plant void of sunlight and water.

Brigid: Lady of the Sacred Flame

Posted By Ara on Jan 23, 2019

Brigid is a Goddess of many faces and she is called by many names.

In England, she was known as Brigantia, in Scotland she was the Maiden Bride, or Brede and in Ireland she was Brig or Brigid.