Dealing with the actions of others

Posted By Ara on Jun 15, 2019

In our relationships, one cycle we can get caught up in is trying to figure out the actions of others. Relationships are complex things. In our interactions with others, sometimes things can be confusing. This can cause us to try to understand the deeper reasons why people are prompted to do what they do which can make us over analyze or over think things.

You deserve someone present

Posted By Ara on Jun 11, 2019

Dear one, you deserve someone present. Someone who will not run and hide when the seas grow unsteady or the winds howl through the trees. A soul who won't deflect your questions, your feelings or guard against your wild heart. The one meant to stand beside you won't play games when the time comes for action. You are not meant for connections that cause you to ache.

As humans, we deal with things not working out all the time. In our everyday lives, we see things that we want not come to fruition, take different turns or simply just don't happen. While this does make life an interesting journey, which is of course what we're here for, it can be extremely frustrating to put effort and energy into something over and over only to have it not pan out.

I've always been very aware of the disagreements that occur between people. Conflict and resolution fascinate me. I've watched people argue the same themes over and over, aware that it never went anywhere. They come to the disagreement bringing with them the same shields and defenses as always.

Dealing with Disillusion

Posted By Ara on May 04, 2019

What is disillusion? Disillusion is the realization that things aren't the way we desire. It can mean being let down when things don't turn out the way we wish them to be. It can be losing hope in situations or realizing the truth, which can be brutal at times.

The truth of who we are

Posted By Ara on Apr 05, 2019

We get so used to being misunderstood, hiding who we are can become like second nature to us. Hiding the very fabric of our being for fear of rejection or ridicule. We shrink, holding ourselves in so none can see our truth and judge us. We try to take up less space, keep ourselves to one corner of the world and shut the door tight to keep our prying eyes.

Breaking Tradition

Posted By Ara on Mar 07, 2019

I have always been a sucker for a love story. Even better if there are some historical aspects to it which call to far away places or some tense time during history's dark pages.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has to be one of my favorite books of all time. It tells the tale of a young boy who goes in search of his dreams and the adventure he encounters along the way. He meets colorful characters, wanders off to far away lands and opens his heart to love for the first time.

Shattered by grief

Posted By Ara on Mar 03, 2019

Grief makes everything more vibrant. It turns up the volume on the rest of our lives. Things that are wrong or important pop. Unanswered needs or desires scream through pounding veins. Through the haze of despair, things can become more evident, if only through the deep well of emotion we are experiencing.

Even fire breathing women deserve love

Posted By Ara on Feb 24, 2019

The truth is, not every shore is meant for us, even the ones long explored or even cherished. Sometimes the tides turn and there is no choice but to head back towards the sea with only the stars above to guide us. Because no matter what you do, you can never be the only one building something meant for two. I want you to remember that even fire breathing women deserve love.