Crystals are powerful allies that we can program with our wishes and intentions using them to heal, transform, draw, and manifest in our lives.

Crystal grids are fun and easy to create. I'm a huge fan of creating crystal grids to amplify and supercharge the energy of crystals and really focus and combine their specific vibration and talents. It's powerful to be able to team up the crystal energy and have them collaborate to bring healing and wellness and to join with the magic of sacred geometry in the layouts that are used in order to enhance manifestation.

What is sacred geometry? Sacred geometry are patterns that are found in the building blocks of nature, in the cosmos, within the human body, and in ancient architecture which create powerful vibrational resonance. One of these potent symbols to work with is called the Flower of Life which you can see here. It is a powerful grid to use for manifestation of abundance, intentions, relationships or any change that you wish to bring into being.

One of the most important and fun parts about making a grid is deciding what stones you want to use.

Now this will depend on what you are manifesting. Are you calling in more love? Abundance? Healing? Peace? Transformation? First decide on what you are calling into being. You can combine stones and create a grid for any intent and purpose.

I like to use at least two different kinds of stones at a minimum for the outer sections of my grid as well as one stone in the middle. Quartz is a good type to use in the center as it is very programmable and amplifies the energy well. You can also use something more specific to what you are creating, for example a rose quartz stone for drawing love or self love, or a citrine for abundance.

Some examples of stones and their combinations are: rutilated quartz and citrine for powerful manifestation of abundance, rose quartz and green aventurine for love and self love, amethyst and sodalite for opening to deeper communication, or smoky quartz and snowflake obsidian for protection and shielding. You can get specific grid kits like this in my Etsy shop HERE

Crystals and their meanings

Rose Quartz Unconditional love, compassion, heart healing, drawing love, self love
Unakite Twin Flame/Souls, draw what is meant to be, relationship support & balance
Ametrine Balance masculine & feminine, Soulmate stone, clear blocks between partners
Amethyst Ideas, solutions, inspiration, peace, connection to divine, meditation, clearing
Emerald True love, once in a lifetime relationships, truth, clarity
Green Aventurine Heart healing, open to deeper love, loyalty, luck, abundance, release patterns
Prehnite Unconditional & authentic love, healing, hope, wishes, miracles, dreams
Snowflake Obsidian Clearing, protection, grounding, past lives, calm during chaos
Sunstone Positive energy, illumination, hope, optimism, shield against negativity
Smoky Quartz Protection, grounding, cleanse, clear, deflect and transform negative energy
Citrine Inspiration, creativity, clearing, manifesting, abundance
Sodalite Truth, communication, expression, writers stone, clarity
Clear Quartz Manifestation, programming, clearing, focusing, protection, transmitting
Celestite Communication, connection with spirit realm, calming, promotes ease
Chrysocolla Speak truth, connection with purpose, feminine empowerment, communication
Selenite Lunar energy, calming, protection, connection with angels, divination, intuition
Rutilated Quartz Manifestation, focus, clarity, clear toxic patterns, amplify wishes and miracles
Auralite 23 Manifestation, channeling, awakening, past lives, Akashic records, transformation
Emerald Auralite Manifest miracles, twin souls/flames, heart healing, draw soul love, truth

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What is the difference between the placement of the stones on the grid?

The middle crystal in the grid is called a Generator crystal or Focus Crystal. This is the stone that is placed in the center of your grid. This can be any stone that you feel called to incorporate for your intention. One of the most popular center stones is quartz as it is powerful, readily available and thought of as a master crystal for manifesting and programming.

Next are the Way or Path stones. These stones lead the way of the intention from the focus stone. These stones amplify and grow the energy of what you are wanting to create.

Finally we have the Desire or Wish stones: These are the next stones placed on the exterior of the grid that reflect what you wish the outcome of the manifestation to be. You can mix and match these, they don't all have to be the same.

You will also need an activator crystal which can be anything from auralite, to Quartz to a Lemurian crystal that is used to activate and synchronize your crystal grid.

Once you decide what you are calling into being and what stones you are using, you need to decide where you're going to place your grid. Before you place your grid where you wish it to be, you can write your intention so you can slip it under your grid or under the center stone. It can be anything as simple as calling in more abundance, or deeper self love, anything that you can imagine you can invite in with crystal grids.

Setting up your grid

Find a place in your home where it will not be disturbed. Clear your space with sacred smoke, incense, essential oil spray, crystal or rose-water.

You can make the creation of your grid a ritual if you choose and meditate prior, take a soothing bath, or even work with tarot cards if you are called.

When you are ready, set up the grid pattern in your chosen location, tuck your intention paper under your grid or under the center stone if you wish, and place the crystals starting with the generator on your grid. Next place the way stones, and then finally the desire stones. As you create and work with your grid, focus your energy on what you wish to create. Feel the joy and happiness of what you are wanting to call in as if it were already here. Feel how blessed you are and how many blessing fill your life.

Activating your grid

Using a crystal point such as quartz, Lemurian quartz or Auralite 23 wand, connect to your intention and hold the activator crystal to your heart to connect with your manifestation. When you have infused your intention into the activator crystal, touch it to the center stone and visualize the energy of your intention fusing into the center crystal. Further visualize it flowing down the lines of the grid and activating each crystal. You can anoint each of the other stones on your grid as you visualize them becoming activated starting from the outside and working inwards envisioning it beaming into the world from the center crystal. This brings together the energy that you are calling into being with the crystal grid. Really focus an visualize what it is you are wanting to create as you connect the stones and connect with your intention. You can move outwards once more if you wish with the activator and envision the energy moving from the focus crystal out through the pathway stones and into manifestation in the desire stones.

When you are finished, know that your intention is in the hands of your crystal allies as well as the Universe and your manifestation is fed by your grid. Keep the intention that you are manifesting in your mind and follow with actions in the physical realm that feed these intentions. You can even craft some affirmations with your intention in mind that can act as a touchstone to what you are creating. For example, if you were calling abundance into being, you could say something like.

I am deserving of complete prosperity

My abundance is constantly increasing

Wealth flows to me in a myriad of ways

I am open to unlimited abundance

You can get really creative and have fun with crafting affirmations that amplify your crystal intentions.

You can leave your grid where it is for as long as you wish. Some people choose to leave it up from New Moon to New Moon and use it in conjunction with New Moon intention setting to create powerful change in their lives. Some people leave it up for 40 days to reinforce the intentions or wishes and some choose to leave it up until their manifestations occur. The important past is that you connect with what you are wanting to create and focus on it each day tapping into what you wrote on your paper and into your affirmation that connects you with what you are manifesting. See fully what it is that you wish to create each time you look at your grid.

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Check out my Crystal Grid Podcast HERE

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