Woman of fire, there are no half-measures when it comes to you. You can only go all in.

You put it all on the line, bet it all on red and roll the dice.

Your heart only knows one speed and when the course is set, it's all the way or it's not worth your time.

Your spirit is not meant for the purgatory of the shallows, endlessly wading and waiting for everything and receiving only fragments. This place of starvation will not sustain you.

You are woven of too much hell-fire for that. There is too much thunder rolling in your veins to silence your soul-deep roar. There is too much lightning flashing in your eyes to settle your gaze on anything less than your deepest desire.

Woman of fire, don't dampen the passion in your flames. There is nothing in you that needs to be compressed or tamed.

Your body is meant to dance to the Earth's drumbeat beneath your feet and your fierce spirit is destined to embrace the wild mystery that flows in your blood. You know the messages whispered in the trees and echoed in the starlight. Your bones know the secret wisdom of the Moon.

You are not meant for the cages and rules of the old way; you are here to bring a new world into the light.

You are a divine altar, sacred and holy. You deserve only those who are worthy to worship at your shrine.  Your hallowed ground should be explored by one who reveres the landscape and honors the soil which is so freely given them.

Woman of fire, you are much-needed medicine for this aching planet.

Your Phoenix song is a wild battle cry to the fallen that the time has come to spread their wings and fly.

Within you burns raw truth setting all illusion and falsity to a blaze. There is no place for games within your soul, they turn to cinder upon your fingers and the ashes are cast into the four winds.

You do not build your world upon the rubble of the past but rise from the chaos, your roots meant for solid ground. You do not settle for anything less than following the beacon of your dreams which calls to you from beyond the horizon.

For you are a woman of fire.

~Inner Priestess Awakening Online Journey~

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C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.