The Mercury Retrograde has gained quite the negative reputation for itself. It can be an intense period and when something is going wrong, chances are we blame Mercury for the disruption.

Fast moving Mercury is the speediest planet in our Solar System, making its way around the Sun every 88 days. Because of this, Mercury enters Retrograde much more often than the other planets and we experience 3 Mercury Retrograde periods each year. Planets do not actually move backwards or retrograde in the sky however, but they appear to do so.

Mercury was the Roman God of communication, travel, commerce, luck, and trickery. He was the fastest of all the Gods and wore winged sandals. Because the messenger God was so quick, the planet Mercury was named after him because of its speed. But there are other characteristics the planet inherited from its mischievous namesake which we often attribute to the Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is famously known for its issues surrounding miscommunication and confusion. Emails being accidentally deleted, misunderstandings, momentum issues, projects stalling, computer issues, contract signing confusion, and appointments or flights getting bumped, this period is attributed to problems that disrupt our day to day lives.

So, what can we do during the Mercury Retrograde?

Make sure that you double, and triple check all dates and times for appointments, flights, or events. Ensure you look very closely at anything you need to sign or agree to and backup all technological devices as well as save often. As there can be communication issues, make sure to convey what you mean to say in a clear and direct manner.

The Mercury Retrograde isn’t all doom and gloom. This is a perfect time to go inward and focus on our own projects, taking the energy needed to work on the details. Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time for editing, sorting, or organizing. While starting something new can be met with issues, working on what we already have on the go can benefit from this energy. If you need, take a break or step back from situations that are too intense as miscommunication is often possible under the Mercury Retrograde.

This can be a good time to try something creative, journal, watch a movie or read a book. You can also do something physical and connect deeper with the body through meditation and yoga. But above all be compassionate and understanding, as it can be a lot of intense energy flowing. Be gentle with yourself.

So, whether you subscribe to the theory that Mercury Retrograde can wreak havoc in one’s life, one thing is always a safe bet. Make sure to save often and check for delays. Just to be safe.

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