You've heard it before.

"Things get worse before they get better." "Things are darkest before the dawn."

The Universe loves to keep turning up the volume until we start to listen.

We turn our heads skyward and shake our fists angrily that the same things that keep occurring to us.

But the truth of the matter is we need to tune in and hear. Until we get it, it keeps getting louder.

We let things go too long and put up with too much.

We play down our intuition and our knowing.

We bottle up our desires and dreams.

We hope that things will change and they don't.

We focus on the good, the potential, and the possibilities.

We see the light, no matter how hard it is to look for sometimes.

We try, Goddess knows we try.

But no matter how hard you try, in some stories you will always be painted as the villain. 

You can try to be the Hero but it doesn't always work out that way, no matter how many cheeks you turn.

Lilith was painted as a Demon for standing up for her life and digging in her heels. In Jewish mythology she was the first wife of Adam and was cast from paradise for not listening to him and to his rules. She said no to bending to the will of her husband and said no to submitting to be less than.

She wanted to be equal and she was seen as a villain for it. 

Lilith tells us to take back our power.  

She calls to us to stand in our truth, embracing our darkness and our light equally. She tells us to stop playing small and being afraid of burning too passionately for worry of being misunderstood in the eyes of others. 

Our fire is not for them, she tells us. It is for us.

We're not here to be the sacrifice; we're here to set the world on fire.

Sometimes you have to be painted as the demon to create the life you want.

Sometimes you need to dig your claws in and roar like a banshee.

Sometimes you have to burn it all to the ground in order for something more to flow in.

Sometimes you have to break completely open to come back together again.

Sometimes we need to fall from grace and be banished from a life that doesn't fit.

Sometimes we need to let go of the un-manifested embers of the past in order to summon our dreams into being.

The reality is sometimes we need to embrace the Demon because she holds so much power in helping us reclaim our fiery sword of truth and aids us in rebuilding our Queendom.

Sometimes you need to set the world around you on fire, burn it all to the ground and accept that you're going to be the misunderstood character in the story that others tell.

I'd rather be a free Demon than an enslaved heroine anyways.


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"I am The Lilith

I live in your core

They tried to chain me

To silence my roar.

They painted me

With a brush of rage

With fear and hatred

But I would not be caged.

To dance with passion

The fire within

To quench your desire

This is no grievous sin.

Your body is no demon

Such tattered old lies

Don't let them take the sacred

From between your thighs.

Let your yearnings be spoken

Aloud in your voice

Leap from their chains

There is always a choice.

In the deep wilds within

That can never be tamed

Where you will not bow

That is where Lilith reins."




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