Ametrine is a gorgeous fusion of amethyst and citrine which is very high energy.

Ametrine blends the properties of amethyst and citrine while imbuing some new abilities on it's own. Ametrine works in uniting the aspects and energies of the masculine and feminine making this a very good stone to work with for bringing balance, harmony and unity both to the aspects within and in external relationships.

This stone works well for allowing both sides of a situation to be seen and both parties to be heard as resistance and blocks are released transforming what was into what is really wanted. This is a stone that can be a benefit when working with soul mate, twin flame or deeply karmic spirit unions.

It brings mental and emotional clarity which can be a benefit when working with it to aid partnerships and release old patterns and conditioning that are keeping things stuck. It provides a connection with the spiritual to the physical bridging gaps and creating unity. A potent dream crystal, it can aid in lucid dreaming and accessing higher wisdom when in a dream state.

It is a very protective stone being a great guard from psychic attack, as well as being a very good stone to use to dispel negative energies.

Ametrine brings a gentle clarity to workings, brings new solutions to light, gives an optimistic attitude towards situations and eases stress.

This is a stone that aids in tapping us into the possibilities that exist and allow us to explore things in the unseen much more easily giving us insight and inventive ideas to solve old issues. It facilitates change and can help us ease this transformation into our lives. It is highly healing and very good to use in workings where you are wanting to release.

Ametrine water is a powerful solution to use or add in cleansing room sprays as it neutralizes negativity and brings calm, clarity and presence while facilitating the energy of letting go.

In my own workings with Ametrine, I find the gentle clarity and focus that it brings very beneficial when concentration is needed.

The grounding connection it provided between people and within the self in a calming way is amazing.

It is a gentle and powerful tool for transformation, change and working with manifestation and intention work as it aids us to change what is into what we desire.

Using it for working with the energies of the masculine/feminine balance is also very powerful with this stone and it is one of the ones that I use most for meditating on sacred union and connection.



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“The Encyclopedia of Crystals” – Judy Hall

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