What we believe is a potent spell

Posted By C. Ara Campbell on Aug 27, 2018

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What we believe is a potent spell that becomes our reality.

We are powerful creators in the world that surrounds us and what we know as truth shapes things profoundly. We are constantly adding fuel to these spells with out thoughts, our words and our choices. Everything feeds their flames.

I hear people say that they don’t deserve things like love, or happiness or even a better job. The truth is there is nothing you need to do to deserve any of it, you are born deserving of all of it. We are taught however to believe that we should settle for less. We become programmed with this mentality that we should not want what we want and worse yet we should never believe it’s going to happen.

That is a load of bull.


We need to ask ourselves how are our beliefs shaping our reality.

Are they allowing or blocking the flow into our world? Are we allowing the vast possibilities to be witnessed? Or are we shutting them down with negative thoughts and belief patterns?

I want you to believe in your medicine and in your dreams. They are inside of you because it is your job to bring them to life. I want you to believe in the curiosity that pulls at your inner compass. It’s guiding you for a reason. Follow it.

I want you to believe that you deserve deeper love, happiness and a better job. Because you do. You came into this world to experience a vast array of flavors so you could find the ones that you resonate with most. Don’t settle for one that makes you choke.


Believing is having faith and trusting.

Right now we are being asked to open and surrender to a deep knowing, a soul level acknowledgement that everything will work out and we are worthy of the highest good. We are being asked to trust that we are worthy and deserving of so much more.

This is your path and you were brought here to live it and there is so much more brilliant unfolding that is upcoming.

Believe me.

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C. Ara Campbell

Author: C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.


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