Trusting in Allowing

Posted By C. Ara Campbell on Feb 4, 2016

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“My daughter,” the Goddess said. “The sooner we release the grip on what is no longer serving us, what no longer fits and what is no longer in alignment with our highest good, the sooner what is meant for us can flow into our world. The sooner you let go of a life that isn’t yours, you open yourself to one that is.” ~Ara



I am a work in progress when it comes to letting go and surrendering into allowing.


I have such an ongoing tango with allowing. And yet it is consistently one of my biggest lessons that carries with it such a powerful wallop.

Maybe it’s my Aries Sun not wanting to release control. Maybe it’s the drive to always be doing something because I’m restless. Or maybe it’s just conditioning.



This is hindered by so many things we place on ourselves.

We feel where we need to be should look different than it is, we take on too much and feel bogged down or we feel we need to solve the world’s problems all in the next ten minutes.


Maybe what we really need is a “me” day to drink some tea and listen to some music.


Society teaches us that we need to always be on the go. We need to be a slave to our to-do lists and accomplishments. Heck most people don’t even feel allowed to take a sick day and rest when they need to.


Have you ever tried doing something when the energy is just NOT lining up?

This is how things usually roll when you buck the current and try to flow upstream. It’s like trying to create a piece of art when you’re not inspired. It just winds up being a chore.

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is stop, allow what’s happening in the here and now and just let go of the control we feel we need to have over everything.

Maybe it doesn’t need to look how we’re taught it needs to in the here and now. This is a place of allowing ease in there present and letting things be what they are.

This is a place of relaxing into the knowing that even if we don’t do everything on that 1001 item to-do list the world will not end. This is a place of tapping into our authentic feelings right now about what is going on within our own heart.


The other issue becomes the more we obsess, the more we push things away. But how can that be?



You’ve heard it before.

You or someone you know has wanted something SO badly and pined over it.

They dreamed it. They obsessed over it endlessly.


And the second that they let it go, clearing the stuck, frozen place that stopped them from getting what they wanted in the first place, the Universe is able to let the flow back in.

Just like that they cleared the way for what they wanted.


When we let go and surrender, we can clear away what is holding us back.

This isn’t a place of not wanting it anymore, far from it. You’ve already set the intentions in motion, now you need to clear the space for it to be and get out of its way.

When you let go of a top that you are spinning, it moves faster without your fingers in the way. Energy is the same way. If we keep putting our fingers into it, we muddle up the waters.


We can still support the action by aligning with collaborative energies on the path to the manifestation, but letting go is the most powerful thing that you can do for yourself.

Here are a few tips that help me when I need to reconnect with my own process of allowing.


1) Let go of the need to control the specifics; who, what, when, where why.

Your job is to come up with the desire and set the intention. Then let go of the details. (Trust me on this one, the Universe has huge things that you can’t even dream planned. You just have to get out of your own way.)


2) Truly appreciate the here and now.

It sounds simple, but I promise you it’s powerful. When we tap into being thankful for where we are instead of critical, we create a powerful channel of creation to flow into our lives.


3) Self love & being connected to what you want.

When we come from a place of being connected to not only what we want but in a place of love and appreciation for ourselves, we are less likely to have harsh expectations on ourselves in accordance with where we are on our path. It can take time to connect and allow self love, but some simple ways to do this is to follow our feelings and allow in our lives that which feels good to us and what feeds us instead of starves us.


4) Releasing the need to be where others think.

This is your path. This is your life. It belongs to no one else.

Forget what you see on social media, don’t compare your real life unfolding story to someone else’s highlight real. This is a place of rooting ourselves deep in our own truth and allowing it to be awesome to be where we are.


5) There is no timeline.

You don’t have to have it all done tomorrow. There is no deadline and no right place to start. All of this is your unfolding path. UNFOLDING. You’re already on it. So don’t worry where you are today, everything is out there still on it’s way to you. You wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy everything on your path if it all showed up today, so allow the enjoyment as it happens on your path.


6) Enjoy the dance.

It’s not a destination, this life is a dance. I love this explanation by Alan Watts as to the point of life as a flow vs being a dedicated path.

When we allow that there is a flow to everything, highs, lows, times of quiet and times of business, we see the spiral in it’s fullness. There is no need to control every step, but to dance along with the music.


7) Know that everything is flowing in it’s own time.

When we sit down and get out of our own way and watch the seeds that we have planted instead of poking them and being angry at their lack of fruition, we can appreciate that everything takes it’s own time.

Sometimes things are quick, other times things need to be in the right order first. And aren’t we happy that things take as long as they need?

You wouldn’t want to eat an under-baked cake, why would you want to live an under-baked life? Give things the space they need to grow. I promise you will be happier with the cake (or relationship, or project, etc)

Yes, it can be hard (and scary as hell) to release into the unknown and to surrender. But sometimes the biggest things we need to learn on this path occur out of our area of expertise and control.


So grab yourself a cup of tea, kick up your feet and let the Universe pour in.


** As if on cue to further test my need for allowing, the internet speed has been horrible and I’ve been trying to get this to post for hours. Eventually I give up and go read a book which is what I had been fighting wanting to do all day. And then the internet starts to work.

Ah, Universe. Thanks for the lesson. And the book break.




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Author: C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.


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