The Nature of the King

Posted By C. Ara Campbell on Sep 2, 2015

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Oh, wild ancient spirit who wears the Crown of Nature upon your sacred brow and the blue tribal marks upon your skin from a time long past.

Through my life I buried the thoughts of you, about my perceptions of what my spirit would define as the match to my feminine; the one that inspired with passion, led with kindness, and was fiercely driven towards his truth and to that of others.

Who was compassionate and had a purpose that ran deep, with an ancient thread of knowing that ran spirit deep. But it wouldn’t stop nagging me no matter how many people told me that you did not exist, it was as if I could feel this truth even though it was denied by so many. And yet you do and now I know your name. You are the Sacred Masculine.

The one that was the lover, the king, the warrior, the wise one, the healer, the magician, the artist, the comedian; that was romantic and sexual, conscious and present, independent and co-creative, intelligent, and humorous, and above all open.

Open in feeling, in body, in purpose, in truth. Open to the world around him and to the depths of his own spirit. Who knows that vulnerability and surrender can only occur as deep as the mirror allows in a relationship and if the mirror is shallow and false, then it reflects in the depth of penetration that can occur between divine feminine and sacred masculine. The depth of reach in touching the divine feminine is a reflection of how deep the masculine is willing to he himself feel and experience emotion.

Wanting to touch so deeply inside the divine feminine but knowing that to dive in is to submerge himself in her seas and feel every wave himself. In his longing for this deep and sacred connection he is present in this flood, not hiding from this deep well of emotion. To shut himself off, is to hide from much of his own power.

Touching the feminine as he would touch the world with eyes awake and destiny ringing in his ears, full of purpose and passion.

It’s not that there is no fear within the sacred masculine, but it isn’t of the deeper feeling parts of life, to the connection of love and the divine. Hearing the wild call of his soul, he is master to none except his heart.

He doesn’t come in body alone, he comes to see into the depths of the soul. He comes present in body, heart, soul and mind.

Here in the light of his authentic raw truth he is crowned King.



Photo Credit: Satchel Gray by Isauro Martinez-Cairo


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C. Ara Campbell

Author: C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.


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