The Goddess Spoke of Hiding Love

Posted By C. Ara Campbell on May 6, 2015

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“My daughter, the purpose of sacred union is to taste another’s soul; to hear the echo of their beating heart, fully embrace their truth, their passion and their love.

To run and hide from it is done out of fear. Fear of being vulnerable in surrender, fear of losing the grip of control that the ego self insists must remain and fear of letting the masks slip and fully be seen.

When you shrink and back away from experiencing that open vulnerability, building walls and barriers around you will not protect your heart,” The Goddess said. “It will trap you in a cold and lonely world where you will lose all feeling and become frozen. You will become numb.”

“But how can I open myself, my heart, my soul and not get hurt?” I asked.

“You can’t. To feel to the depths of your soul, to love, to open to another is to invite the deepest parts of someone else into your core. In doing this, there is no guarantee you will not be hurt.

But, in not doing this, you will guarantee never to feel the greatest treasure on Earth.”


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“All the fear has left me now
I’m not frightened anymore
It’s my heart that pounds beneath my flesh
It’s my mouth that pushes out this breath

And if I shed a tear I won’t cage it
I won’t fear love
And if I feel a rage I won’t deny it
I won’t fear love”

~ Sarah McLachlan, “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” 


C. Ara Campbell

Author: C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.


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