The Call of the Wild Feminine

Posted By C. Ara Campbell on Jul 28, 2015

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I am the wild feminine.

Do you hear my call?

Can you handle my raging storm? Will you open your sails to my howling winds? Can you ride the waves on this fierce and unknown sea or do you prefer the safe shores of a calm bay and the ever-present guide of a lighthouse set upon safe sands?


Will you dive in the deep, dark waters with me or wade only into the shallows? Will you plunge yourself fully or float upon the surface? Will you beckon me to swim alongside you or take off into the darkness alone?

Will you drift and navigate only by the stars, howling with me under the starlit skies? Do you long to live where your purpose dances with your soul bathed in the light of the truth cast forth from your heart?

Are you able to run barefoot in the untamed forest of my spirit and lay in the fields of my dreams with me? Will you meet me in the clearing past all thought and reason, erasing all beliefs and ideals once put upon us? Can you behold me there in my nakedness?


Will you sit with me in silent surrender; bare, raw and bursting with life like the soil beneath our feet? Do you feel the thread of a thousand lifetimes flowing in your veins, calling to you with ancient wisdom?

Will you move with me between the veils of the worlds, gliding along the shimmering sunlight tipped trees. Will you  stand with this warrior heart when the time to raise our swords comes?

Will you merge with me in an alchemy of cosmic flow and Earthly wonder? Will you show reverence at my temple and worship at the sacred altar of my heart knowing that I will do the same in return? Will you feed yourself on this divine union with me? Can you feel the ancient mystery that pulses deep within me as we move together in sacred surrender?


Will you demand perfection, protected by rules held in place with chains? Will you ask me to abandon the wild magic that flows in my veins and turn a blind eye to my truth? If this is what you seek, then run away now; leave this patchwork spirit stitched together with soul fire and gossamer threads of starlight for she will never abandon the altar of her own heart.

I am not Monday to Friday 9-5 predictability. I am not a dog-eared page you seek out upon the shelf when you’re in search of quick entertainment. I am not for the faint of heart nor am I a trinket to be toyed with. I am not made to be invisible, dissolve-able, temporary or easily digestible.


I am soul deep nourishment. I am the wild feminine.

If  you wish to dance in my sacred fire, to get lost in my deepest desire; if you seek to lose your breath in the steps and gasp for air, then I invite you to stay. If you’re looking for mystical magical alchemy that will set your world aflame, be ready to burn in the light of our winding truth.

But be warned, there is no way back. This divine heat will consume you, and burn from you all thoughts of a normal life. To move with the deepest feminine fire is to let go of the shore and embrace the untamed and the unknown.


I want to know if you are ready?

I want to know who you are when you don’t have to hold back anymore; when the barriers crumble and the veils dissolve, and you stand in the brilliance of your unfolding baring your truth to the world like a thousand burning suns.


Will you bare your truth to my eyes? The place where you no longer have to pretend, where the threads of the past are scattered and you walk naked and raw, free of the masks that once concealed you?

Will you show me the secret words you whisper, the prayer you offer to the night sky? When you are alone and none are there to judge you, where you read the words written upon your open heart as you wander the corners of your being? 


Will you show me your color, when the world has gone completely dark? When all else fades and the silence falls, leaving shadows to dance in the unseen, yours is the light I want to see and to know when all else fades away.

Will you show me the whispers of your ancient soul, the ones that are etched far beneath the realm of flesh and bone? Where conversations are between ageless spirits flowing into one another like the rivers back to the sea, bringing lost fragments home.


Will you love me, with all of your wild untamed spirit? Will you hold nothing back as you stand before me present in your authentic truth, like a primal King of old; raw, sacred and wild, crowned by the Full Moon light? Will you let this Priestess take you as her consort for her Queendom?

Will you love me with the depths of your heart, touching right into my open soul? Your very breath tickling the back of my mind, leaving no thought or desire unturned? Like a brush stroke on blank canvas will you etch the endless possibilities and timeless works of art upon the eternal fabric of my skin?


Will you love me in the pause between breaths and within the beating drums of our hearts? And in the passing of the sun and moon will you dance with me across the pages of time? Are you ready to walk by my side?

I am the wild feminine.

Do you hear my call?





~ Do You Hear the Call of the Priestess? ~


My sisters, the time has come to rise and birth the wild magick that dwells within your spirit.

The Priestess is the element of alchemy that dwells within our soul. She is the powerful thread within that taps us into the energy to transform our world and bring our truth into being. 

Join me on the 4 week Inner Priestess Awakening journey beginning April 2017 to reclaim your purpose, your power and your medicine.

The Time of the Priestess has come.



C. Ara Campbell

Author: C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.


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