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“Community is a central part of human happiness. One of the biggest nurturers of femininity is intentional community.”

~Teal Swan


What is the Sisterhood Circle?

  • A free sacred space for all women to explore and embody their incarnation of the divine feminine
  • A place to delve deep into your well of inner knowing
  • A vessel of midwifing your voice into the world
  • A safe, open and accepting flow of energy where you are free to simply be
  • A supportive, encouraging and nourishing place to hold you when you need
  • A place of compassion, love and acceptance
  • A place to celebrate all that you are, right here in this present moment
  • A temple sanctuary that is always open for you

I am thrilled to announce the opening of The Sisterhood Circle, a free private sacred sanctuary online on Facebook that will run all month long, 24/7 and be a container of support, nurturing, encouragement and learning environment to deepen our individual paths.

Sisters, I am moved by the capabilities that circle offers to us as a sacred container for the rising of our own paths, for the divine feminine, and for our wild untamed voices and truths. What emerges from beyond the mystical veil of the Sisterhood Circle is the rising of the truths written in the walls of our hearts and the spirit of Sisterhood in our souls.

This online sanctuary will work in a myriad of ways to deepen your own practices, align you with your own divine feminine power, and work to bring your medicines and gifts into life. It will encompass the voices and wisdom of each of us, gathering together to share in a sacred community of the divine feminine. There will be the ability to learn from one another, move through the flow of the feminine, have input on what subjects and work in a co-creative manner in a container of sacred sisterhood. There is no limit to what can be achieved when we create this type of energy in our lives.

Sisters, I have been envisioning a place where all traditions are welcome, all faces of the Goddess in one place free of judgement where we can all hold this space and intention for our own highest potential and the potential of our sisters.

During my training in the Temple Circles and the Red Tent, I wanted more than anything to weave these threads of Sisterhood throughout the world in a global temple. This is what I have envisioned that we may all sit beside one another in support, nourishment, growth and love in honouring one another’s unique path no matter how far apart we are.

I look forward to deepening our practice and sitting together with you in circle.

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Blessings, sisters.




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