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Sacred Woman, You Deserve Sacred Love

I am SO excited to announce my upcoming Relationship Empowerment & Sacred Love Course.

As women, we are constantly made to feel that there is something wrong with us when it comes to relationships. We feel too much. We think too much. We say too much. We go too deep.

I got so tired with the information out there that teaches women that WE need to do something in order to attract a partner, that we need to be someone different than we already are. That we should learn tricks and games in order to snag and keep love or that WE need to be different in order to be worthy of soul deep love.

Maybe that’s why so many of us are aching; this old paradigm doesn’t work.

Our wounds and fears are being exploited in our relationships and in the media. And it needs to stop.

The time for conscious relationships is here and it begins with our own foundations and reclaiming of our power. During this 3 week online journey, we look at stripping away old limiting and negative beliefs, empowerment and opening to a deeper connection with ourselves, our truth and our partner, whether they are here or still on the path towards us. We dive deeper into our wounds, our blocks and into our deep fears in order to heal and open to the love we seek internally and externally. We reclaim our courage and empower our hearts moving forward to accept nothing less than soul deep love.

Sisters, it’s time to stop listening to the old diatribe that we love too deep or feel too much. Join my 3 week journey and reclaim your sacred heart and open to the love you are deserving of.

During this journey we look at boundaries, breaking free from settling, self worth, releasing blocks to intimacy, cutting cords, opening to deeper connection, dealing with the wounds of others, unhealthy relationships and our bodies, honoring our truth, sexuality, Goddess work and so much more!

Are you ready to reclaim your sacred heart and empower yourself for soul deep relationships?

Join me and sisters from around the world for this revolutionary online event to empower and transform your relationships.

I look forward to sitting with you in sacred circle and journeying with you on this powerful path.



C. Ara Campbell IPA PraiseInner Priestess 4-Week Journey Online

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, artist, facilitator of The Inner Priestess Awakening Online Program, author of The Astro Forecast, and the founder of The Goddess Circle. Ara is a modern-day mystic that channels guidance using spiritual, cosmic and natural energies. Dedicated to the rising feminine, to living embodied truth, connecting others with their gifts and healing using the natural world, she can often be found seeking wisdom and solace in the wilds of Mother Earth.

During this Sacred Journey You Will Be Supported By

During this Sacred Journey You Will Be Supported By

  • 21 days of practices, rituals, affirmations, & inspirations delivered to your email
  • Weekly audio podcasts with Ara (plus podcast transcripts)
  • Guided meditation journeys with Lilith, Inanna, & Hera (plus transcripts)
  • New Moon podcast, rituals & practices
  • Love drawing ritual
  • Private optional Facebook temple for connection and support with course sisters
  • Exclusive bonus content available only to members of this course
  • Weekly fire release, offering & blessing circle
  • Exclusive early bird pricing on future course offerings emailed directly to you
  • Much, much more

**All content is fully downloadable and yours to keep. there is no rush to complete. Facebook group remains open after the course is completed for continued connection and healing.**

During this Journey
This is for Sisters Who Want to

This is for Sisters Who Want to

  • Stop settling for less than they deserve in relationships
  • Stop being alone and unsupported
  • Let go of wounds and beliefs that no longer serve them
  • Speak their truth in relationships
  • Connect with their heart longing
  • Connect deeper with self worth
  • Find courage and strength
  • Reclaim their passions
  • Gain empowerment
  • Set boundaries
  • Stop being taken advantage of
  • Open to deeper intimacy
  • Change & rewrite their own story
  • Let go of unhealthy connections
For Sisters Who...
Some Practices and Rituals That Will Support Your Journey Include

Some Practices and Rituals That Will Support Your Journey Include

  • Guided Meditation with Lilith
  • Releasing what no longer serves us
  • Examining gaslighting and unhealthy behavior
  • Cutting cords & closing energy portals
  • Breaking free from settling
  • Guided meditation with Inanna
  • Facing our wounds & fears
  • Healing our self worth
  • Expressing fierce feeling with Kali
  • Connecting with our passion
  • Guided meditation with Hera
  • New Moon podcast & rituals
  • Relationship ritual
  • Self love ritual
  • Podcast deep dives
  • Much, much more!
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in a relationship to join this course?

Not at all. You can be single, separated, or in a relationship. At any stage during our connections with others we may feel the need to take a step back and dive deeper into healing and empowerment.

Is the Program completely online?

YES! The Relationship Empowerment & Sacred Love program is an online journey that was designed to have a global reach and bring sisters together from across the world in order to empower, heal and reclaim deeper relationships in our lives. It is a fusion of self study practices, goddess work, rituals, and facilitated podcasts in a safe and sacred container of sisterhood.

Is the Relationship Empowerment & Sacred Love program right for me?

This journey is a deep dive into empowering ourselves and reclaiming deeper connection, with ourselves and others. This is a path of releasing old beliefs and stories as we heal our souls. This is a journey of breaking away from the paradigms of the past which teach us that we need to be something other than what we are in order to be worthy of love. This is a call to reclaim our hearts and ourselves. In previous circles, we have had sisters that were from all walks of life, background, and beliefs who sat together in sacred circle. There is something for everyone in this deep dive.

Do I only have 3 weeks to complete the content?

The course is yours to access forever. It will be structured live for the 3 week period, but after that sisters will still be able to have full access and support for their own journey or if they wish to revisit part of the course. Every path takes its own time to unfold and there is no hurry.

“You are holy ground. Only let in those who honor your divine temple.” ~Ara

“My sister, never forget that you’re a soul deep woman and you won’t find a worthy love in the shallows.”


Inner Priestess Woman

The Goddess Circle

The Program Begins October 1, 2018

Course Registration

Available Until September 30, 2018

Grads of the Inner Priestess Awakening Program:
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Past Course Praise

Past Course Praise

Past praise from sisters who have taken the Inner Priestess Awakening program. 

“Ara leads without ego; she truly is a spiritual guide.” —S

“Ara’s guidance made this course a joy to be part of.” —D

“Ara, I absolutely love your work.” —A

“Ara is a great facilitator in helping women come into their strength, beauty and medicine!” —M

“Ara is a true gem.” —I

“Thank you Ara for your beautiful presence.” —K

“I loved the guidance that was given by Ara.” —L

“I feel such a connection to Ara, and the way she speaks is beautiful.” —R

“Ara, this was such a beautiful month.” —L

“Thank you for this journey.” —I

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