Reclaiming the Sacred Masculine

Posted By C. Ara Campbell on May 28, 2015

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It is said that the masculine is in power and has been for thousands of years.

I don’t agree.

The sacred masculine force hasn’t been the one in “power”; the force that has been operating from behind the patriarchal mindset is a repressed masculine shadow which moves from a restrained  place of powerlessness and starvation.

This is a place of fear, hate and greed. This has been the “power” behind the plan to kill, enslave and destroy its way to victory.


This is not the true essence of the sacred masculine.

This is from a place of ignoring the heartbeat of the Earth-Mother, the divine feminine and the power of nature. This is a place that is out of alignment with creation and life. This is a place that values war, profit and breathes destruction like air.

This is not the masculine truth but a bed of lies.

I wonder how they never asked themselves what it is they would be ruling when they had killed it all away? When they burnt it all to the ground, would they rule a pile of rubble?

This is a truth they hide their faces from, preferring to keep their heads in the sand, believing that they the all mighty and powerful can create all they need from the ashes of our ravaged world once they have sucked it all away.


Hiding is not a trait of the true masculine essence.

Hiding is the trait of the patriarchal version of the masculine, the one that they created, not of the sacred masculine. Hiding from resolution, from evolution, from the natural world and from feelings.

Hiding from what happens around us and not seeing the outcome of this backwards and shut down patriarchal way of being on fellow brothers and sisters on this Earth. Masking emotions, thoughts and truth he lives his life behind a prison wall.


This is not the true face of the sacred masculine.

Living completely out of the body that he once relied upon to forge powerful strides in his daily life, he buttons it down and tames it, selling it out on the meat-market of society to keep up with what we has been taught he must provide/do/say/think to “be a man.”

His success is built upon a measuring stick that he himself isn’t even holding, the carrot held out by a consumer driven culture that will push him towards goals he “needs” to complete but won’t pat him on the back when he’s “won”; it will just convince him he needs to be more, to do more and have more to feel something in his numbness.

Shutting down one by one the instincts that were so integral to his survival, in this supercharged tech-mad-instant-download-world, he feels he no longer needs them as he once did. He ignores his gut, doesn’t trust his sight or his feelings and shuts his ears to the world around him. He ignores the alignment with the nature within him, cut off from the Earth and the feminine, he falters in the darkness.


The true masculine essence doesn’t hide when he is met with feeling.

At times there is a need to sit back, wait and think, but he doesn’t shield his eyes and his heart from everything that rises within him. To do so is a trait of the repressed masculine.

The true masculine force doesn’t hide from the divine feminine; he sees this cosmic dance of creation as the powerful container of sacred medicine that it is. He knows that there is no trophy in conquering her and chaining her to idiotic patriarchal ideals and outdated rules. He honors her intuition and does not devalue her with games.


He knows there is no need to hide from the feelings and emotions that this co-creation generates; it is transformative, nourishing and vital.

He knows in a broken open place of surrender with her, there is no need for masks. To be bare is to be seen fully, embraced in his truth, his essence and his authentic self.

He knows that in her wild, raw and primal power she is both the awe-inspiring force of the storm and the life-giving rains upon the parched Earth below. He is unafraid to dance in her downpour or bask in her sunlight. He sees her invitation into the fires of her soul and he steps forward unafraid to dance in her flames.


To fear her, to chain her, to destroy her is not the true essence of the masculine.

He knows there is more to this life than climbing the corporate ladder and being lost in a sea of endless possessions; he feels that the depths of his spirit and medicine are an ocean that need to be explored. He knows that his worth is not a measure of the balance in his bank account, it’s in the measure of his heart.

He acknowledges the truth that flows through his veins and opens to the greatness of all that he is. Rooted in his authenticity, he is a powerful force of nature; raw, primal and free.

He knows that to balance and heal this Earth both the masculine and feminine forces of this world need to reclaim the wild power that courses through their veins, the true authentic voice that has been theirs since long before society told them what it should be.

He knows this needs to be done side by side, arm in arm; this sacred dance of the divine. He is consciously emerging in his truth, his authentic light and his voice.

From this place of moving forward together embracing and seeing the truth of once another fully, there is nothing that cannot be created; there is nothing that we cannot do.


To forge a new path forward, we need to strip away the old ideals and beliefs that are not our own.

The path forward is an awakened and embodied movement of unity, presence and open heart consciousness in which we reclaim our sacred places on this Earth, side by side. The way forward is one where both the masculine and the feminine tap into their truth and thrive.

The time has come to rise together.






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C. Ara Campbell

Author: C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.


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