New Moon Prosperity & Abundance Checks

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New Moon Abundance Check

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This is a powerful and potent simple ritual for manifesting abundance and prosperity to your life using the energy of the New Moon each month.

New Moon checks are created within 24 hours after the New Moon each month. This harnesses the creative potential that occurs during this powerful time when we seed what we desire into the Universe.

These checks can usher in abundance in unseen ways into your world which unfold in many different ways.

Be grateful for the prosperity and abundance into your life. Keep yourself open to the unfolding.

  1. During the powerful time that occurs within 24 hours after the New Moon, print out one of the free abundance and prosperity checks. Where it says “Pay to” write your name.
  2. In the box write “paid in full”.
  3. Where you would write a dollar amount write “paid in full”. If you wish to ask for a certain amount, you can place it in here.
  4. Sign the checks with “The Law of Abundance” and include “thank you” under.
  5. You can choose to leave the date blank or you can put a date on it if you wish to see when the abundance will come to you.
  6. Add affirmations to your New Moon Check writing ritual to create even more attraction to abundance:
    • “I am open to abundance.” “I am deserving of prosperity.”
    • “I am open to the ways that abundance manifest into my life.”
    • “I am thankful for the blessings and prosperity on their way into my life.”
    • “I am thankful for the abundance in my life and welcome more.”
  7. Use crystals that attract abundance and prosperity if you are called. Citrine, green aventurine, tiger’s eye, jade, or sunstone are powerful prosperity crystals.
  8. Light a green candle dedicated to prosperity and abundance. This can be your very own dedicated candle you use each month for your New Moon Checks or have some smaller ones that you use each month. You can even anoint it with an abundance oil. Ginger, Patchouli and Bergamot are powerful prosperity drawing oils that can be used to anoint your candle and your New Moon Check!
  9. You can call upon the Goddess of Abundance Lakshmi to be present with you and work your prosperity ritual. Offer a blessing to her and to her showering of golden blessings into your life.
  10. Place your New Moon Check in a safe and sacred place. A dedicated abundance altar would be perfect. Release control of how and when the abundance will flow to you. Be open and let the Universe take care of the details.
  11. If you choose you can “release” this energy on the next Full Moon by burning it in sacred fire, or by any other means that you are able. Be sure to be present with gratitude for the abundance in your life presently and offer deep thanks as your check is being released. Be Open and allow.

Much love, light and infinite blessings,

“My child, there is more than enough for everyone on this Earth.” the Goddess of Abundance spoke. “You are full of endless potential and all the blessings I send to you are unlimited as well. There is abundance for all.” © Ara

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