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I have been so blessed to be able to join with so many amazing women around the world to dive deeper into divine feminine truth, reclaiming our power and discovering our Priestess Path during interviews and summits. You can connect with these sacred talks here:

Sacred Earth Telesummit (February 2019) Interviewer Kim Wilborn

Creating a Personal Connection with Earth Energy

RUNTIME: 58:28 • FILESIZE: 56.1 MB

Sacred Business Summit (December 2018) Interviewer Lorna Liana

Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Sacred Presence

RUNTIME: 42:01 • FILESIZE: 40.3 MB

Modern Shaman Mystery School (May 2018) Interviewer Lorna Liana

Using Natural Energy for Clearing, Grounding & Protection.

RUNTIME: 40:52 • FILESIZE: 49.1 MB

Unleash the Psychic Goddess Within (April 2018) Interviewer Susan Ortolano

Being a Modern Day Mystic, Working with Astrology & Earth Energy.


Unleash Your Intuition Summit (November 2017) Interviewer Lumari

The Importance of Connecting to Our Intuition and How to Unleash Our Inner Wisdom.

RUNTIME: 36:34 • FILESIZE: 35.1 MB

Find Your Force Summit (November 2017) Interviewer Joyce van der Lely

The Power of the Priestess Path & the Importance of Honoring Our Truth

RUNTIME: 32:50 • FILESIZE: 31.5 MB

Goddess Talk Sessions (September 2017) Interviewer Shann Vanderleek

Reclaim your truth, embrace your power and ignite your sacred soul fire.

RUNTIME: 29:22 • FILESIZE: 24.7 MB

The Visionary Feminine & Global Transformation Summit (May 2017) Interviewer Jennifer Riley

Awaken your soul’s purpose and deepest truth

RUNTIME: 51:16 • FILESIZE: 36.9 MB

Woman Rising Event (May 2017) Interviewer Kouros Alaee

A free online event to empower you to rise to your healthiest, happiest and most powerful self.

RUNTIME: 24:04 • FILESIZE: 23.1 MB

Empowered Lifestyles Community Call (February 2017) Interviewer Erin Schumacher

The transformative power of connecting with our inner priestess energy

RUNTIME: 47:01 • FILESIZE: 22.6 MB

Womens Wealth & Intuition Summit (November 2016) Interviewer Jennifer Riley

Rising in our power as women and embracing our truth

RUNTIME: 41:17 • FILESIZE: 19.8 MB

The Modern Shaman Summit (November 2016) Interviewer Lorna Li

Opening to natural energy for healing and harmony

RUNTIME: 34:14 • FILESIZE: 28.8 MB

Spiritual Guardians & Allies Telesummit (October 2016) Interviewer Kim Wilborn

Living a Goddess Centered Life

RUNTIME: 55:55 • FILESIZE: 10.1 MB

Goddess Talk Sessions (September 2016) Interviewer Shann Vander Leek

Secrets to walking in beauty and reclaiming your feminine sovereignty

RUNTIME: 40:46 • FILESIZE: 29.4 MB

Holistic Empowered Woman Summit (December 2015) Interviewer Kouros Alaee

“Living your embodied truth”

RUNTIME: 27:32 • FILESIZE: 26.4 MB

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