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Kouros Alaee

Kouros Alaee | Health Coach

“Helping women love their bodies, and feel sexy and alive!”

Kouros is a health and lifestyle coach and creatrix of powerful online summit gatherings such as Women Rising to support women as they rise to their fullest power and create wellness in their lives. She guides and supports women on their journeys towards loving their bodies, their lives and thriving in authentic expression.

Shann Vander Leek

Shann Vander Leek | Founder of Transformation Goddess

Shann is the founder of True Balance International, creatrix of Transformation Goddess, celebrated podcaster, author, and co-founder of Anxiety Slayer. She is a women’s empowerment mentor, and transformational coach to women around the world who are seeking to live a more balanced life and reclaim their feminine sovereignty.

TransformationGoddess.com & PodcastBath.com

Kim Wilborn

Kim Wilborn | Founder of The Guardian Gateway

Kim is an intuitive coach, hypnotherapist and the founder of Guardian Gateway. She creates powerful global telesummits, meditations and guidance that help others align with their guardians, aiding them in connecting with their true selves and the expression of their soul purpose.

yearwiththegoddess.com & guardiangateway.com

Emelina Holland

Emelina Holland | Metaphysical Practitioner

“Artist of spirit, high priestess of love & womb keeper of sacred creative manifestation.”

Emelina is a soulful creatrix of visionary art, music, sound therapy and healing. She is a channel for divine source inspiring, guiding and supporting others on their paths and in their personal transformation


Jennifer V. Riley

Jennifer V. Riley | Founder of Bountiful Evolution

Jennifer is an evolutionary coach, founder of Bountiful Evolution and creatrix of powerful global divine feminine summits. She empowers conscious women on their path in this new unfolding paradigm and guides them in embracing their embodied, radiant, and joyful selves.


Joyce van der Lely

Joyce van der Lely | Founder of The Fierce Female Force

Joyce is an intuitive creative business guide, artist and founder of the Find your Force programs. She weaves creative exercises and projects into her coaching programs that help women unleash their Feminine Force, take action and launch their independent business ideas.

thefiercefemaleforce.com & findurforce.com

Margaret M. Kirk

Margaret M. Kirk | Author & Founder of HerStory

Margaret M. (Midge) Kirk is an artist, storyteller, writer, educator, feminist scholar and hobby historian with a private practice in Heart Centered Counseling. She founded HerStory, which brings forgotten women from history, back to life again. She believes strongly that the contributions that women made to history must be remembered and preserved. Stories connect us, like the threads that create a tapestry. The stitch us together, securely into a multigenerational quilt of life and community. History helps us learn who we are, but when we don’t know our own history, our power and dreams are immediately diminished. History must tell the whole story!


Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly | Founder of Mazeylotus, High vibe book series + boho inspired fashion collection

Serving the woman relentless about her physical metamorphosis and spiritual healing. Bringing nurturing and strengthening for the inner goddess and outer beauty with balance, strength and grounding. Living life with the rich energy of the seas…


Trista Hendren | Founder, Author and Publisher of The Girl God Series

Trista Hendren is the founder, author and publisher of The Girl God series. You can find more about her projects at www.thegirlgod.com.

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