Are You An Old Soul?

Posted By C. Ara Campbell on Jun 7, 2016

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What is an old soul?

Old souls are those that carry a wisdom and essence far beyond the depth of their years. There is often an energy about them that isn’t of this time or even of this place.

Many believe that this can be a result of knowledge gained in living past lives and from an otherworldly connection to the unseen and the unknown energies of the Universe.

Here are some signs that you may be an Old Soul:


Different from birth.

Old souls never quite fit in.

They have a feeling about them that they’ve always been old. When others were obsessing about the latest trendy thing, they were wandering around thinking of the deeper meaning of life.

Maybe an elder might have even told them that they were an old soul. My grandmother used to call me old soul in her Polish tongue.

They get very irritated when they aren’t taken seriously. They can be even more the “parent” or wise on of their group of friends. They can have a strong sense of honor and can’t usually be bought by material possessions as they see beyond their trivial value. They usually have advice or know things well beyond their years and understood things that were way beyond what they saw around them.

Old souls often have a very deep inner world from the time they are very young diving into writing, art and movement as a way of trying to express what it is that they are here to say. They can be completely fine at any age working away for days at projects or ideas losing themselves in their own minds.

Old souls evolve at a different pace and generally don’t “act their age”. They may be early walkers, talkers, reading books far beyond their years. They may speak with a tone or verbiage that is foreign. They may tend towards activities that seem out of their peer age bracket.

Those that are called old souls are generally very different from a young age and have carried that marching to the beat of their own drum into adulthood. They have always had an inherent feeling of differing greatly from those surrounding them which can at times lead them down a solitary path of existence.


They need extensive “me” time.

Old souls need a lot of alone time, not because they hate or don’t need people but because there is a sacred sanctuary found in the stillness of their own company that can be found nowhere else.

Old souls like to work away and put effort into things others may not understand. While they do like to go out when there is a purpose or to explore when they feel called to, they don’t feel the need to be out 24/7. Being out when they’re not in alignment with it is really draining. A good portion of old souls are also introverts, so being out in a crowd of people can fill them with anxiety and dread.

This isn’t a matter of being antisocial, for old souls time has an entirely different meaning to them and confining them into activities and into doing things they don’t want to do is torment to them. They see any waste of their precious minutes as a crime.

However this can lead to a lot of loneliness for the old soul. Even though they crave a lot of solitary time, when they finally pop their head up they wonder where everyone went. This can lead to a spiral of being misunderstood, unseen and further into their own heads.

Old souls keep a small and intimate group that they are closest too even though they are generally pleasant to most people. They need to keep up with relationships and make sure they don’t become disconnected as it can be too easy for them to wander off in pursuit of thoughts and ideas and leave friends behind.


Depth in Relationships.

Old souls crave depth and this applies to relationships very strongly.

They want deep conversations between beings. They know in their soul everything has meaning. They want soul deep relationships before they even understand what that really means. They desire total connection with one spirit, not a thousand flirtations.

They crave nourishment in a pairing, not starvation.

From the time they are young, old souls hear a call from within for something that no one that age could know. It’s like a compass that was guiding them beyond the layers that existed on the surface. Even though at times old souls get caught up in places where they don’t fit, they believe in this spirit deep resonance and love.

They feel it in their bones even if no one else believes them.

Dating can be hard for old souls especially in an era where people do so from electronic devices. This concept is lost on them and quite frankly scares the hell out of them. They see the use of this in that this enables connection over far distances, but old souls need to come together.

Detachment and dabbling isn’t romance for an old soul. They have to dive all the way to the bottom to be satisfied.

They don’t see age the same. Old souls don’t tend to see the difference between ages. Through their lives they have older friends and relationships. Since they feel older than they look, they don’t understand why age is such an issue which can get them into trouble when they are younger in life. They have the ability to connect to a far deeper place.



They know that they need to do something on this planet and they’re here for a reason. They know there is a depth they need in their work. The mundane, society approved, boxed in job is for them is painful.

Whether they believe in past lives or other worlds, they know that why they’re here is important and it frustrates them that either sometimes they cant recall all the time or that others don’t take you seriously.

This is part of the medicine the old souls are here to bring into the world, a breaking of old perceptions and ideas and stretching the confines into a new world.



A heavy burden for the old soul is that they are quite often misunderstood and unheard. They feel they have a wealth of knowledge and insight to offer from a very young age and are often unseen in their views. This deepens their feelings of not belonging. This can lead to them being very mixed up about how to express these gifts into being.

When their value is unseen, this can be breeding grounds for feelings of unworthiness. They take criticism very seriously and it feeds the insecurity that rises within them naturally. This is a huge struggle for them as they need to come to a place of balance on being here to offer something amazing to the world and moving past the unworthiness to make that happen.

Old souls often have a hard time finding “home” not really sure where or if they belong anywhere. One of the lessons for them is to develop that sense of home within and carry it with them.


They need to know.

They need to understand.

They spend a lot of time in observation of people and they hold a very inquisitive mind into what is going on around them. They want to KNOW. They want answers so they dive deep into many different areas and subjects until their curiosity is sated. They can be lifelong learners as they stretch into many areas trying to understand everything including people because they can be confusing.

This can all be very exhausting to the old soul leaving them feeling depleted and stretched thin, scattered, having too many irons in the fire and being a jack of all trades and a master of none.

They can also suffer a great deal of mental anguish from “being in their head” too much of the time.

Introspection is huge for old souls and they need a lot of time to digest what is going on in their world.

Old souls also tend to see things in the layers surrounding them and can notice patterns and messages easily. They have a very powerful intuition and guidance system within them and can be very psychic. Old souls have a very deep thread of inner knowing which can seem prophetic at times.

They have a deep knowledge of things that is far beyond their years and can be from places they’ve never lived or seem to have seen before.


Deep feelings.

Old souls feel spirit deep.

They are very sensitive and can be prone to empathetic tendencies. This can lead them to be seen as “too serious” while they do have a goofy, fun side sometimes it is reserved for those that really “get” them. When they love they do so with all of their being which can be hard for some to take.

Old souls don’t really understand the games that people play with one another like mind games or playing with others feelings. They don’t understand the purpose of them and are generally terrible at them because they don’t want anyone to feel hurt or see them as a waste of time and energy. They take rejection especially hard and personally.

This deep sense of feeling extends to the natural world and many old souls feel connected to it and feel when it or animals are hurting. Violence can be hard for them to watch and even to think about. When they are young they can assign feelings to everything even plants and dolls.


Spiritual in their own way.

Old souls have a big spiritual side but they often see it outside of the parameters and rules of mainstream or organized beliefs. They don’t think they have to express it the way everyone else expresses it.

Spirituality for them can be sitting in the middle of nowhere staring at the clouds or doing yoga. It can be putting all of their energy into a painting. They are open to a deeper, unseen flow that they bring with them into what most would see as the most mundane actions. They can find deep meaning and messages in a single leaf, in a song or in a smile.

For them it’s not a trend or a look, it’s the vein of who they are.

This expansion past the confines of belief can be a huge gift for the old soul and be part of what they are here to add to humanity as a way of thinking outside of the box and of growing new ideas and beliefs. They can be here to push the barriers of the known into the realm of the unknown.


Authority issues and rebellion.

From a young age old souls can get into clashes with authority.

They think that everyone around them should see beyond their physical age and know their worth and value their knowledge. So they can get really irritated with authority and rules that impede their ability to express their truth in a way that suits them or in a way that questions them.

This can lead to rebellion, fighting with parents and siblings, issues with teachers and questioning leaders. Old souls are not here to conform.

This is a gift of the old soul however, as they bring us to a place of questioning the old paradigms and how things can be shifted from the old guard bringing more expansion and growth.


Loving the classics.

Old souls see the value in the things of the past especially when it comes to creativity in all of it’s forms.

From a young age they can love old literature like Shakespeare, old films and actors, art, architecture and music. They were the ones listening to their parents vinyl when they could have been listening to it on CD. They often write in long hand and love the feel of a pen between their fingers even when they have a computer keyboard at their disposal.

It could be the call of past life experience that make these things irresistible to old souls or it could be that they see the value deep beyond the age. They see the worth and beauty in things no matter how old they are. They act as a bridge in many ways tying together the threads of the past with the present, bringing the energy and creative brilliance of the past into their current projects and workings.


Dancing with shadows.

Old souls are very susceptible to dark thoughts, depression and low moods.

One thing that often gets missed when speaking of old souls is the darkness that shrouds them at times. It isn’t easy being misunderstood and knowing you belong to a deeper vein that many don’t see and this can cause a lot of dark thoughts for old souls.

While it can be hard to take at times, this shadow dancing also acts as a deep textbook of lessons for the old soul. Often the medicine that they are here to bring into this world is found past these times of darkness.


Being an old soul doesn’t make you weird, it makes you special. Embrace this deep thread of truth that runs within you and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s a curse and not a blessing.

Much love,


C. Ara Campbell

Author: C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.


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