Posts made in April, 2018

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Today I read an article about how women chase men away. When we email them, when we text them, when we ask them how they’re feeling or when we initiate making plans, we are chasing them away. The article states that men should be the ones to do these things as they are the men, thus the hunters, and have to be the ones to chase in order to maintain interest in the relationship. Are you frickin kidding me? What year is this???...

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  The Twin Soul journey is unlike any other. When you connect with someone on a soul deep level, you will be changed forever. This person will be a mirror for you, your greatest challenge and a place of great expansion. While it can be the most powerful, blissful and joyous connection that we experience, it can also be very difficult and shake our foundations to the very core. The Twin relationship brings us to powerful...

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