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The Mystic Oracle Forecast

The Mystic Oracle monthly forecast publication.

The Mystic Oracle Forecast

The Mystic Oracle monthly forecast publication.

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Are you ready to dive deep into cosmic wisdom?


What is The Astro Forecast: A Cosmic Oracle by Ara?

The Forecast is a fusion of astrology, channeled guidance and energetic wisdom creating an easy to use map for you to follow daily to help you during the shifts and changes that occur.

Created by Ara of The Goddess Circle, this publication combines over 20 years of astrological insight featuring lunar wisdom, solar energy, major cosmic shifts, planetary alignments, retrogrades, eclipses, energetic guidance, New and Full Moon forecasts and so much more!

This amazing monthly publication written by Ara of The Goddess Circle is delivered right to your email to guide you through all of the energetic changes that occur every day.

How does The Astro Forecast help me?

The Astro Forecast is an easy to use map that is designed to:

~ Help you maneuver the shifting energy

~ Easily tap into the ever changing energies

~ Navigate and use specific planetary shifts to your greatest advantage

~ Aid in planning rituals, practices, & events

~ Open specific doors of opportunity during eclipses, retrogrades & more

~ Give you a heads up when the energy is going to change

~ Work with the potent energy of the ever changing Moon

~ Let you bring big changes into your life

Ara’s energetic forecasts have been featured on The Goddess Circle and were hailed as potent, powerful, and life changing. Some of her specialty forecasts were published on Rebelle Society to amazing reviews. Within each monthly publication, you receive the soulful guidance and researched energetic timing to make huge shifts in your life.

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What is included in this powerful forecast:

~ You receive the current month’s Forecast and a subscription for one year (12 complete issues of the Forecast)

~ Easy to access daily guidance and wisdom on all the profound energetic shifts occurring

~ All lunar changes complete with guidance, wisdom and information

~ In depth information on the planetary aspects that occur

~ Retrograde energy, eclipses, Equinox and Solstice information and guidance

~ New & Full Moon complete forecasts, correspondences and information

~ Monthly Calendar with lunar and solar movements

Over 30 pages EACH MONTH of wisdom channeled, researched and crafted by Ara of The Goddess Circle (That’s over 360 pages of guidance PER YEAR!!!) 

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You receive all of this at a months glance so you can see exactly what is on the horizon for you helping you to prepare AND a calendar for quick reference! This publication is also printable.


 How is The Forecast different from your Facebook page?

The Forecast is much more in depth and usable in your daily life.

With the Forecast, you get a detailed look at all of the different energetic components that are at play and effecting your life woven into an easily understandable and usable format by Ara.

You will know how the Moon sign, planetary transits, seasonal energy, Retrogrades, eclipses, are contributing to what is going on in your world and how you can work with these energies to transform your life.

You will be able to see at a month’s glance what is coming and what will be moving through your life. You can plan practices, rituals, events and meetings easily and without stress.

When you know what is coming we are better able to use them to our advantage.


This Forecast is delivered right to your email at the beginning of every month; no searching Facebook for posts, no missing out on any valuable information and insights. Now you can see at a months glance exactly what powerful energetic tides will be unfolding.


Who is Ara?

C.Ara Campbell has always been deeply called and connected as a channel to the energies of nature, the stars and the divine.

She combines over 20 years of astrological insight and research, her visionary writing and decades of intuition into The Forecast each month to create a publication that can be used as a powerful tool of transformation.

Working as a channel she created this groundbreaking framework to bring insight into the cosmic energies. The Astro Forecast is a blueprint for deep knowing, guidance and change.


These will not be posted on Facebook or on the website, so the ONLY way that you will be able to get this cosmic guidance is by subscribing to the Forecast.


I am so honored to be able to channel this into being.

Much love and deep bow,

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The Astro Forecast is only $35.00 USD/Year

(That’s only $1.40 a week for cosmic guidance & wisdom!) 

Click Here to Download a Sample Page (PDF Format – 93KB)

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After subscribing, check your our confirmation email, which contains a link to download the current month of the publication.

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