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There is deep power that lies within each Moon that graces the night sky. Every phase dives us into powerful lunar energy that has the potential to be our ally and to transform our world. When you work with the changes of the Moon, you can manifest profound miracles, abundance and change in your life.

Moon Phase Energy Guide

Moon Phase Energy Guide

New Moon

New Moon

Set Intentions and Goals

Nurture | Go Within | Renew | Create | Dream

Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon

Implement Action Steps

Increase Energy | Draw Energy to Projects & Ideas | Gather Resources

Full Moon

Full Moon

Let Go of What Isn’t Working

Readjust Steps | Clarity | Refocus | Celebrate | Charge

Waning Moon

Waning Moon

Decrease Energy & Rest

Release | Give Thanks | Reflect | Dream | Clear

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Virgo

crescent moon buttonVirgo sign glyph symbol

Virgo energy is all about the details. This Mercury ruled sign wants us to look to our habits and make sure they are in alignment with our highest good. This is a good time to organize and plan the fine points of projects. This is a good time to clear away clutter, cleanse energy or get rid of old things that no longer serve you. Also a beneficial time to start nurturing health routines. Virgo Moon Inquiry: Where am I needing healing in my body, mind, heart or soul and what am I needing to bring back the balance of health?

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