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Inner Priestess 4-Week Journey Online

Inner Priestess 4-Week Journey Online

My Sisters, the time has come to rise and awaken the magick that lives inside of you.

As we arise and reclaim our truths and our voices, so we awaken the whole world.

The Priestess is the element of alchemy that dwells within our soul. She is the powerful thread within that taps us into the energy to transform our world and bring our truth into being.

Awakening to your Priestess path is a deep drop into your heart, into your magic and into the depths of your spirit. It is a place of full-bodied allowing to move through a powerful portal of transformation and honor the call to reclaim the truth that lives at the core of your being.


This is a deep drop into full embodiment and celebration of your divine and sacred truth, medicine and gifts.
This is a place of moving from the old ways of “playing small” and remaining hidden.
This is an awakening re-union to the medicine that flows from the depths of our soul.
This is a reclaiming of our voices and our purpose on this planet.
This is a place of true freedom.

During the Inner Priestess Awakening Online Program, we move through the veil and begin our deep drop into the mysteries of our own divine myth and unravel our own unique Priestess thread. Here is a path of awakening, of emerging and of living our individual divine feminine truth.

This online 4 week journey facilitated by Ara of The Goddess Circle is a dive into the center of your deep truth and into the process of allowing to bring it into being following the thread of your own unique, unfolding Inner Priestess path.

This mystic, powerful transformative journey will take us right into the words that are written on the walls of our own hearts and how we go about bringing them into the open and live our purpose.

This is a path of unmasking what was once hidden and bringing all that we are into the light.
This is a journey of rewriting our stories with our own hands.
This is a time of midwifing sacred medicine into being.
This is a time of wild awakening.

Included in this sacred journey are daily emails that contain processes, enlightenment, encouragement and a link to the daily practice that will be featured in a sacred and secure website. You will always have access to this course, and there is no hurry or worry if you can’t get to a practice on the day it is posted. This is your journey and it unfold in the time that you need it to.

There are weekly sacred feminine podcasts that will journey deep into the heart of our unfolding practices, to nourish and support what we are creating here in this sacred container.

There is a facilitated private sanctuary for connection, empowerment and encouragement throughout our journey that will remain open to sisters after the course has completed.

There is a powerful container created when sisters stand together in circle and witness the transformation of one another. This is a potent place of manifestation, of being seen, heard and held which fuels the power of midwifing our truth into being.

One of the most important aspects that sacred circle and sisterhood brings is the support and encouragement of being seen. When you are fully able to embody and be present in the truth of all that you are, it flows into every aspect of your world.

Once you awaken, you can never go back to sleep.

My sister Priestesses, I know we have spent lifetimes journeying together through wild forests of ancient wisdom and I am honored to gather with you once more around the sacred fire. The time has come to walk through the portals of the divine feminine that are calling to us and reclaim our voices, our truth and our purposes. We now stand upon a time of revolution and rebirth.

The time has come to rise my sisters.



C. Ara Campbell IPA PraiseInner Priestess 4-Week Journey Online

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, artist, facilitator of The Inner Priestess Awakening Online Program, author of The Astro Forecast, and the founder of The Goddess Circle. Ara is a modern-day mystic that channels guidance using spiritual, cosmic and natural energies. Dedicated to the rising feminine, to living embodied truth, connecting others with their gifts and healing using the natural world, she can often be found seeking wisdom and solace in the wilds of Mother Earth.

During this Sacred Journey You Will Be Supported By

During this Sacred Journey You Will Be Supported By

  • 30 daily practices, rituals & inspirations delivered to your email
  • Weekly audio podcasts tele-circles with Ara
  • Guided Meditation Journeys with the Goddess Inanna, Kali & Aradia
  • Moon Rituals: powerful New and Full Moon ritual practices
  • Private Facebook temple for connection with our fellow Priestesses
  • Exclusive bonus content available only to members of this course
  • Goddess meditations, guided practices, sacred ceremony, & rituals
  • Weekly fire release, offering & blessing circle
  • Exclusive Priestess early bird pricing on future course offerings
  • Much More!

*All content is downloadable and there is no rush to complete. Facebook group remains open after course completion.

This is for Sisters Who Want to

This is for Sisters Who Want to

  • Awaken their soul fire & live their purpose
  • Let go of what is no longer serving them
  • Dig their roots deep in their own sacred soil
  • Claim their power & embody their truth
  • Peel off old beliefs and paradigms
  • Speak their voice & heart
  • Make a shift in their world
  • Dedicate fully to their gifts & wild magic
  • Reclaim their sacred crown
  • Surrender to the light of their own being
  • Change & rewrite their story
  • Commit to their authentic essence
  • Release settling for less than they deserve
  • Claim their gifts & unique medicine
  • Rise to their Priestess Path
Some Practices and Rituals That Will Support Your Journey Include

Some Practices and Rituals That Will Support Your Journey Include

  • Guided meditation with Inanna into the Underworld
  • Connecting with the Priestess within and the divine feminine
  • Letting go of playing small and rewriting our story
  • Guided meditation with Aradia into our Priestess Path
  • Shadow work: journeying through the dark night of the soul
  • Reclaiming our power and our truth
  • Sacred expression and embodiment of our purpose
  • Reclaiming our voices with the Priestess Cassandra
  • Transforming blocked energy, releasing and cord cutting
  • Self love & sacred self-care
  • Guided meditation with Kali to transform and release
  • Powerful New and Full Moon rituals
  • Much more!
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be part of a specific path or belief system to join the Inner Priestess Awakening Program?

All sisters from every path are welcome in the Inner Priestess Awakening Online Program. All that is required to move in the direction of your Priestess Path is the willingness to allow your own unique story the sacred space to unfold in its own divine authenticity. This is a deep dive into the truth of your own heart and all sisters are welcome here in the circle.

Is the Program completely online?

YES! The Priestess Awakening program is an online journey that was designed to have a global reach and bring sisters together from across the world. It is a fusion of deep practices, goddess work, rituals, and facilitated podcasts in a safe and sacred container of sisterhood.

Is the Priestess Program right for me?

The Priestess journey is a deep dive into reclaiming our truth and our medicine. This is a place of releasing the stories of the past and of stepping into our purpose. This is a journey of stepping into our power and awakening to the wild brilliance of all that we are.

In previous circles, we have had sisters that were from all walks of life, background, and beliefs who sat together in sacred circle. There is something for everyone in this deep dive.

The stories of some of the sisters can be found below.

Do I only have 4 weeks to complete the content?

The course is yours to access forever. It will be structured live for the 4 week period, but after that sisters will still be able to have full access and support for their own journey or if they wish to revisit part of the course. Every path takes its own time to unfold and there is no hurry.

What does it mean to birth my truth?

Each one of us has within us a divine truth, the authenticity of who we truly are. In this place there is a deep medicine, in all that you are and in your gifts. Many of us, through conditioning and beliefs throughout our lives have been on a path of playing small, staying hidden and masking our true selves.

The Path of the Priestess is to reconnect within with that inner spark of truth, that light that makes us who we are and to bring that out into the world and into the light. It’s a journey back to ourselves. It’s a time of awakening and rising.

“We are the Priestesses of the Earth, the guardians of nature. We have always known this magic that is etched upon the walls of our hearts and resonated through our souls. For a time we slumbered all the while our powers within us stirring and growing. And now we awaken and rise together” ~Ara

“Today she rose
Unapologetically centered
In the truth of all that She is
Seated from the throne
Of her open wide heart
Raw with ancient knowing
Coursing through her veins
Fiercely She knows
She is it
She is here
She is now
She is you”


Payment Options

Payment Options


The Program Begins April 1, 2017

April Inner Priestess Awakening 2017 Registration Price $111.00 USD

Sign Up – $111.00 USD

Please note that the payment plan is no longer available for the April course.

Inner Priestess Awakening Praise

Inner Priestess Awakening Praise

It was an honor to sit with these sisters in sacred circle and I am moved at their words upon completion of the Inner Priestess Awakening Program.

“The Priestess Awakening Program allowed me to renew, retrieve, and dive deep into my ancient knowledge that I had within me. The course helped me understand the various Goddess, rituals, tools, and practices to help keep me aligned on my path and to embody the full journey back to my roots and self. I deeply bow to the circle and to the program. It is a must for everyone woman. Thank you so much for our sacred time and practice. Deepest love for all my sisters in the circle.” —Noel Nguyen

“Ara’s guidance, insights and magical words, written and  spoken, made this course a joy to be part of. The friendship and support from sisters in the Facebook group was an added bonus. My shifts and insights have been life changing and I expect that will continue to unfold as I take my learnings into my life. Thank you Ara for a magnificent experience.” —Dallys

“Beautiful journey work! The passion Ara posts with on FB comes through even more so in each lesson.  Bite sized, yet powerful and meaningful work each day made this so approachable.  I feel I can go back and do these lessons over and over again with new impact. Related FB group is a lovely companion to the work.  Best spiritual course I have participated in; online or in person.” —Kim Cahill

“This course is a must!  It is filled with love, wisdom and inspiration!  I honestly couldn’t wait to read each email every morning. I think we really could spend at least a week with each email though as it is so filled with wisdom! I would highly recommend taking this class and even to take it with a group of friends so you can share the journey together.  The private Facebook group that is connected to this group is such a support and also allows for more processing! Truthfully this is a beautiful journey, not to be missed!” —Soni Masur

“The IPAP is a beautiful, Spiritual and heartfelt program, with engaging priestess practices and activities to help bring in ritual, intention, self-awareness, moon work and more for self transformation. The timing of this program could not have been any better, ending with a New Moon! New beginnings and seeds planted with support in moving forward in a more positive way. Thank you, I loved all aspects of your work and look forward to incorporating what I learned into my day-to-day life on a regular basis. I LOVED the Rituals/Guidance with the Moons. Hands down my favorite part, but also loved all of the daily Guidance, intentions and information. I also enjoyed the FB support group.” —Cynthia

“Ara is a great facilitator in helping women come into their strength, beauty and medicine! Highly recommend! I really enjoyed the daily practices and the unfolding process of the workshop. Ara is a great facilitator of birthing feminine strength and beauty!” —M.J

“Great class I loved it . The perspectives help you to become more you. I think I found this class at just the right time in my life. The class also connects you to other walking a similar path. You become part of the sisterhood. New supportive friends. Take this class!!!” —Alicia

“During this course I found myself looking deeper than I had ever before into my inner soul. I highly recommend this course, the journey was beautiful.  Ara and all her knowledge, her grace and openness. The group grew close forming friendships of a lifetime. Namaste.” —Lori

“Ara, I absolutely love your work and have been following the Goddess Circle for some time now. The Facebook community you’ve grown was amazing and I could feel your love and support. It was palpable that you were truly sitting with us and joining in the deep dive. This was such a special feeling.” —Laura

“For me, the true power of Ara’s  presence became clear before the end of the first week. The flowing writing style and deepness of her voice is only the tip of the iceberg. Slowly but surely the essence of her message started pounding at tight closed doors and brightening hidden corners of my inner realm. That’s how I recognize the work of a true channeller: one that works way beyond strings of words and “content”. One that true master’s works is woven in the very fabric of her teaching, one that has genuine healing and inspiring power. The journey was for me a ground shaking yet gentle experience of reconnecting with lost parts of myself and setting firm intentions for a future that didn’t look so bright just 30 days ago. Thank you Ara for your beautiful presence.” —Karine P. LeBlanc

“I highly recommend the Inner Priestess to ALL women, even if you feel as though you are where you should be on your path. The reawakening that happened for me during this program unblocked what I could not see was blocked inside me. For this I am forever grateful.” —Joyce Steele

“Dearest Sister: this program has been an awakening. Even though I got delayed, I kept with it and the program has been everything I desired…and more. The resources, the tools, the wisdom – all these helped me find answers I thought I’d never find. Ara is gifted….there is no other word I can use to describe this luminous soul, this Wise Woman.” —Padme A’Tea

“This program has been life altering for me. I am feeling the changes within me and throughout my life daily. I am in awe from the transformations happening in my life. I recommend this program for every woman. I am looking forward to future sessions. I loved the podcasts. They took my mind and soul on a journey I have never experienced in my life. They are enlightening.” —Constance

“I loved the podcasts because I could hear your voice and somehow that brought it home for me. I loved the Facebook page for the loved, support and trust that was there when ever I needed it. Beautiful….Wonderful…..Inspirational!! thank you!!” —Bobbi Lambertson

“A beautiful unfolding. The deepest dive into the inner depths of my soul. Thank you, Ara, for the opportunity to experience this process with my sisters.” —T.C

“I loved this program. Practical yet inspiring. Practical, useful, and beautiful rituals helped me to dig and grow! I feel so much more me! Confident, resilient, and hopeful is how this program made me feel!” —Elisha Halpin

“The Inner Priestess Awakening Program was such a blessing to me. I feel such a connection to Ara, and the way she speaks is beautiful. I was so sad to see this come to an end.” —Rebecca

“Loved it and really enjoyed the content. Worth it!” —Marina Kirk

“I have learned so much about myself.  This sacred circle of women empowered me with my own authentic voice and I started using it. I absolutely loved the sacred space and the circle of women who are also taking part in their own unfolding. So beautiful. So raw. So Real. So safe. Thank you Ara for the beautiful gift, Deepest bow sister.” —M.O

“This course is just the beginning of the journey, it has lit a fire and changed my path and life at a time when it was needed.” —Emily Barnes

“I love what Ara says about ‘Playing It Small,’ it is the time to re-awaken my inner self.  And this is why I am so thankful for this program and for Ara, in creating this wonderful program. I have learned so much and I will continue to learn.  For Us Beautiful Women! No More Playing It Small!  We Are Here To Awaken Our Inner Selves and To Support Each Other! And NOT Tear Each Other To Shreds!  Support Each Other!  We Are Divine Beings! We Are LOVE!  We Are The Sisterhood!  What A Divine Blessing, We Are. Thank you Ara.” —Gladys

“I have really appreciated the last month and this program and will miss the daily prompts and loving words from Ara. The journey was a nice blend of inner work, connection and feeling blessed by the process.” —V.B

“Mind Blowing, a thorough guide to self discovery through simple and gentle guiding. Very inspiring!” —Nora Iris’Ael

“I loved this program so much, I did it twice. It was beautiful both times. The sense of empowerment that is gained. The 2nd time through took all the teachings to a deeper level. Many blessings and much love for you Ara.” —Wendi

“Another amazing year of Inner Priestess Awakening!  As ALWAYS the healing work of Ara and  the bonds of Sisterhood created here are like no other!” —Isabella Rose

“This program was wonderful. The deep dive is still resonating throughout my entire being. I feel more alive than I have in quite sometime. The teachings, meditations and stories will stay with me my entire lifetime. I am quite positive I will revisit the daily lessons as time goes on. Thank you so much opening this circle. Blessed be.” —Robin

“I really appreciated the daily emails including wonderful guidance to embrace the inner authenticity the Priestess represents. All of the practices were valuable ways to clear away the clutter that prevents us from our truth and standing in our own light. :)” —JL

“This was a wonderful experience. It was seamless, flowing, empowering and transformational.” —Lisa

“Thank you for this journey. For the safe container. For the love and compassion. It was wonderful and I will go over the content many times again.” —Inana

“The Inner Priestess Awakening program allowed me to expand my consciousness and my preconceived horizons. Ara and my fellow priestesses encouraged me to delve deep, and shared their experiences freely, which allowed me to do the same. A safe and loving community was created, and I will be long grateful for the opportunity to participate with such vibrant, creative, expansive women. I learned some new terminology, and started some new practices which have opened me up in some unexpected ways. I would recommend this experience to anyone willing to come to table with an open heart and mind.” —Kris

“Doing the second year of a priestess training in Glastonbury I feel that this Inner priestess awakening has helped really helped me to internalize things. It helped me to get more to my own core and since you’re most of the time alone I felt the program helped me to just be that priestess or step into that role way easier.” —Anna

“Deeply compassionate, organized, committed, present. Deep journey and professional care. A joy to wake up each day and open the emails. Would totally recommend it to all my sisters in the world and men! Thank you Ara. Please keep me posted for the next one. I am in! Namaste.” —EstelaStar

“The information was new and some reminders of what I need to do to truly be myself and allow myself to be true. The lessons were very valuable and I love the fact that you also created a space online for all of those who wanted to open up to one another. The information given here will be something I return to study, master and become whole. Thank you!” —Diana Terry

“Excellent course. Good Guidance. Very supportive and truthful. It was great to see that other priestesses are just like me. I thought I was too ordinary to be included. I found that to not be true.” —D.N

“Ara, your program is very powerful. One needs to always go over these concepts over and over because we tend to go back “in the world” and “forget” our essence. So BIG THANKS for reminding me of “the way” to myself. The work allowed me to do tremendous awakening. I intend to take each lesson again over the next few month and spend a few days on each. Just to let everything sink. The work you are doing with women is very important. And you are doing it with a tremendous work on your behalf. I bow to you, Sister.” —Maryse Provencal

“This four weeks were very special and I got the possibility to transform my biggest fear. It is not transformed yet,but I am on the way. During these four weeks all my long good hidden fears popped up and wanted to be seen finally, there was no chance to hide them any longer. I am full of gratitude for having been a part of this circle and a deep bow to Ara’s work. Her wise words fall/felt in my heart like seeds. Endless love and blessings.” —Stephanie

“The Inner Priestess Awakening program is like no other. The program gave me the tools to step safely & gracefully into my power. By completing the practices each day, I was able to learn to embrace all of me including my shadow self. By participating in this program, I gained so much clarity into My Truth & who I really am. The puzzle pieces fell into place, as I awakened My Inner Priestess.” —Isabella Rose

“It was really an eye opener. The contents were well written with love. I loved meeting new sisters. I loved how Ara was very supportive & responsive throughout the program. It came to me in the right time. Very grateful for the experience.”  —Marie Zarif

“Participating in this time has been the best thing I could have done for myself, I only wish it was not over! At least the circle will continue The connection with sisters the soothing sound of Ara’s voice and the amazing content !! Life changing.” —Denise McAllister

“I looked forward to each daily lesson. I especially liked the short inspirations accompanying each day.  It inspired me to continue with my new moon group of ladies focusing on the power and gift of the circle of sisterhood. It was inspirational and presented with power and sincerity. Thank you Ara.” —Deborah

“Every morning I was delighted to read an inspiration for the Priestess Path. It was as if you were a mind reader and knew exactly what was swirling in me and confirming these deep sensations and feelings. To be held in a space that connects us with others in a kinder spirit is reassuring that our work is not alone and it is time to keep moving forward to create this awareness and healing for our beautiful Gaia. These postings helped me to commit to reading each and every single day. Already missing them in my inbox. Blessings Priestess!” —Bhrida

“Excellent information…very intuitive! Loved how the information was delivered. Very easy to digest.” —Patty Morrigan Connelly

“The Inner Priestess Awakening program is a journey all woman should take. You will see life with new eyes and it’s beautiful. Each day I was greeted with a visually stunning email that guided me home. I was encouraged to be me, all of me while complete and divine. The words soothed my soul. The woman on FB were welcoming, supportive and creative.” —M

“I’ve taken this journey before but found myself on the backside of some horrid life experiences. It came along at the perfect time. Thank you Universe and thank you Ara. I know that this will be something I’ll need to revisit at times throughout my life. Thank you for this deep dive approach.” —Kim

“This has been a hugely magical 4 week journey. Where people come and gather safely, free from judgement to sit in a circle and delve deep within to bring their true essence back. To reclaim their wild and be all that they are. No more hiding. The support and wisdom in this circle has truly changed me. I have loved every minute of it and I continue in this circle with you and I honor you. Thank you. I honestly loved it all!! I loved waking up each morning to your email. I loved all the practices, the podcasts. I loved the sharing on the Facebook page. You managed to create a circle through all of your work that truly felt alive and I felt part of it and still do. I felt transported  to a magical place, when I read the daily email, put them into practice, did the meditations. I loved the absolute wisdom that has poured through from your emails, each one felt like it was calling me home.” —Lisa Bell

“I step in to my own power and now I’m feeling more powerful. I have set boundaries and am finding my own voice. Thank you for helping me to find my power.” —Emma

“Thank you for this beautiful course. I have some great tools in my toolbox to help young and old woman who come to me wanting help in finding their inner Goddess. The magic words, the whole program and it’s layout  is very empowering. My heart goes out to you all, beautiful hearts.” —Andrea Joye Stothers

“A wonderful tool to help you remember who you are and where you come from. That you were reminded, on a daily basis, where the true spirit is, what your feminine essence is, without being in any kind cheesy or over the top. I loved that the information was so grounded and that we were guided in such a loving and light way.” —Sophia

“This has pretty much been the best experience with a group of women I didn’t know, ever. I didn’t know what to expect from the online course other than emails and podcasts and I got so much more. This woke up places in my soul that I didn’t even know were asleep. The remembering has begun and I couldn’t be more grateful to have done it shoulder to shoulder with the women in this sacred circle. To be held by them and witnessed as I transformed has been priceless.” —Amie

“Ara, this was such a beautiful month, and the deepening continues. Your writing speaks so perfectly to my heart & soul. There is a knowing that comes through, that for me is always an affirmation to this ones being & path. The daily lessons helped me to bring focus & grounding to my own musings & uncertainties. I appreciate the space held by you, the intimacy created & the sharing support of the community. Thank you so much for helping me to come even more deeply into my inner sanctuary.” —Lotus

“I have been following The Goddess Circle for a while now and have shared moments of inspiration with the messages I receive.  I am also on my own journey as a warrior, goddess, witch, priestess to root into my truths and empower the people in my life to do the same and this course called to me on that level.  I loved seeing pics and reading updates from women around the globe who were sharing a similar growth in this moment with me.” —Sheryle

“I felt very connected to the group of women I took the course with.  The course material is wonderful for anyone wanting to gain knowledge about their priestess path.  I am very new to this path and it helped me become very grounded and confident that what I am doing is true to me.” —Kristin

“I loved the program, words of wisdom that made me think deep within my inner self.” —M.B

“Loved it! It stimulates internal self discovery.” —Catherine Luna-Burrow

“This was a beautiful course that deeply connected with my heart and soul. Gentle yet deep, it brought me back home to myself, to the divine feminine within me, and to the Goddess. Thank you Ara for creating such an amazing sacred space for us all <3 Ara herself is a true gem.” —Isabelle

“Thank you for your wonderful inspiring words, to read this is like a treasure. And every day a new inspiration. It was just the way Ara speaks about everything, wise, loving, but always very straight and very inspiring. Thank you so much.” —Alba O’Neill

“Sensational self empowerment. Life changing. Highly Recommended.” —C.M

“I really loved this program because it allowed for a venue of like-minded women to journey within to awaken our inner priestess as an individual journey while at the same time providing an amazing support group. I also loved the daily emails with the stories and the exercises that allowed for the introspection and analysis while being a gentle guide to help lead us in the direction to journey within.” —Lorena

“Inspiring, healing, uplifting course!” —Nele

“Thank you for this wonderful program. You are amazing! I love this program, as it has helped me realize that, I need to take care of myself before I can give to anyone else in my life, I have learned that I do have choices, & it is absolutely ALL RIGHT TO SAY NO when it serves my higher purpose. I love the podcasts! Your program is STELLAR! I can hardly wait for the next one. Many blessings & Big Hugs.” —Gladys

“This program was very enlightening, and exactly what I have been needing for some time. It’s kind of hard to put into words my experiences, or what have you. This program really helped see the priestess in me and help bring her to the surface. Each day the emails helped bring forth something that with the help of Ara’s advice I was able to work through, and most of the time I didn’t think I needed to work through that until I did. The program was very enjoyable and I feel called to walk myself through it again soon! I also love having the circle group on Facebook. A place to connect with like-minded sisters is always a plus!” —Melena

“I really enjoyed the pace and content of the program. I have a crazy busy life, but was able to read the daily emails and set aside time for some of the practices – but I love that I have all the material so that I can work through what I didn’t finish in my own time. The content really spoke to me, to my heart and soul, and both affirmed some of the things I already think and do, and suggested new paths to me.” —Melissa

“I LOVED this program and am so thankful for it. My path has been so painful and so lonely until I found you and Chameli on Facebook-by serendipity! Thank you for the work you so. I loved the daily reminders to stand in my own truth and the exercises. I did not get to listen to the tele-retreats yet, and I am slowly moving through the program-taking my time. I love that I am able to talk to others and read their stories too. There is no judgement-only support and love. I also love that I can download and keep coming back to it. There is no threat of losing the materials.” —Nancy

“Got me in touch with my Goddess Nature. It was a great remembrance And I loved being in the Goddess Circle Community , I could feel the love!!!!!!” —Peg

“A Great experience, and I even didn’t share a thing on Facebook. The journey with the messages everyday gave me permission to establish time and space for myself to have a moment of silence and contemplation, which in deed gave me a goddess feeling 🙂 I still haven’t completed all the days yet, but have the trust I will do this when the time is there.” —Anne

“It has been absolutely wonderful to join this circle. I have gained self-esteem and with that my reality is shifting. It is like everything is going very quick now, I am definitely on my path. I am very grateful for it. To know that I am not alone, to realize that I am/we are amazing beings of light with a unique soul purpose is a big treasure. Not enough words to thank you Ara and to thank all my Sisters. Blessed be.” —Alexandra Reig

“I love, love, love this program. It brings me back to myself. I have never felt that connected with my divine soul, my inner goddess because we are all that and completely magic. I accept my niceness and see it as a power and not anymore as a weakness! I go deeper and acknowledge my inner source. I recognize that those beliefs that I described as weak is my true power and I will not longer hide it. This program is a gift from a beautiful goddess to so many goddesses out there to awaken and discover their own individual journey to walk. I am blessed to have come so far and I am so excited to continue. I am opening up each day more and more to the path that unfolds in front of me. Lots of Love & Light to you beautiful ARA.” —M.M

“I am forever grateful for the amazing teachings of this course. I was ready for the lessons provided so everything just flowed…I cried, I wept, I laughed and I GREW!!!” —Lori

“The inner priestess circle led by Ara is a wonderful opportunity to awaken and shift stuck energy in our lives. Love. Love. Love.” —M.J

“I bow to your wisdom and practices and am so grateful for the connection between the sisters. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom and love with us! Love you, Ara.”

“I have loved every bit of this program.” —Wendi

“A magical journey to reveal your inner goddess, unleash your feminine power, and open to divine love like never before. Being guided by Ara to see how guided I am by the divine. Feeling supported and empowered by all of these powerful women I got the chance to connect with. The opportunity to see feminine magic being used to heal ourselves, others, and the earth.” —E.D

“Ara’s gifts, talents and wisdom have had such a positive impact on my life. Ara’s writings are inspirational, motivational and powerful. The Inner Priestess and the 21 Day: Opening to Possibilities programs are like no other. I learned a lot about myself, my abilities and my hidden talents and desires and learned and am still learning how to apply them in my life.  The Mystic Oracle Forecast helps me to understand the cosmic energies, how they affect my life and how to work with them . I use the Forecast to help plan my solitary Sabbat and Esbat rituals.
“The Goddess Circle Sisterhood is an amazing community of women just like me. It is a sacred and safe circle where we share our worries and doubts, celebrate our accomplishments and successes and encourage each other dreams and our heart’s desires.  The love and support we have for each other is amazing. The bonds I have created with many of my Sisters will last a lifetime.” —Isabella Rose