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I am SO excited to announce that our Etsy store is open for business!



5 - CopyMy favorite crystal Auralite 23 has been added to our listings, so if you are interested in getting some of these high energy, rare Canadian crystals for yourself they are now available.

You also get an ebooklet with your order on the energy of Auralite 23, uses and care of your crystal.

(Please check your spam folder, the eBooklets sometimes like to hide in there.)


Each crystal has been blessed, cleared with sacred smoke and charged during the light of the Full Moon right here in my own studio!




These crystals are ethically mined in Canada using no dynamite for extraction. Our crystals are shipped right from my studio in Canada all over the world.

When you order from The Goddess Circle, you get the EXACT crystal shown in the photos.

This is something that I am adamant about. You will always get exactly what is ordered and you get the gram weight and the size next to a ruler.





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We’re also selling 100% pure Canadian beeswax candles which are hand rolled by me right here in my studio!

I have been rolling candles for almost 10 years for local sale and personal use and am THRILLED to get to share them with you.

The wax is 100% Canadian content and made, the wicks are metal free and 100% cotton, and the colored candles contain non-toxic colorant.


So welcome to our shop, I am so happy to be open for business!!


Much love,




Click Here For The Goddess Circle Etsy Store:

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