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Chakrubs: Sacred Sexuality


Lawrence Alma-Tadema

“Reveling in your sensual nature and flowing with the divine sexuality that is inherent to your being is freedom, a true connection to the self.” ~Ara


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Our sexuality is a gift.

In a world where we take ourselves for granted, our divine sexual energy is often the first to suffer. We don’t feed the temples of our bodies with nourishing, authentic reverence.

We hurry. We opt for the quick, the easy and in many cases the toxic, leaving us out of connection to our bodies. We cheap out on satisfying our own sensual selves. This leaves us hungering for deep communion with our sensual selves.

When we approach our own sacred sensuality from a hurried and unconnected place, what are we putting out into the Universe to bring to us? If what we send out comes back to us, this would apply to the reverence we give to our own sexual beings. The power that we create with this energy is highly transformational, healing and able to manifest things into our lives.

What are you bringing into the depths of your being? What are you calling into your world with your self-sex practices? Are you honoring your own sacred temple? Are you working with sacred tools that are befitting a Priestess?

You are worthy of deep, fulfilling, sensual pleasure. Chakrubs are deeply nourishing, grounding, powerful energy that opens you to potent Earth energies which bring pleasure, sexual healing and soul nurturing. They are beautiful works of art radiating with deep, healing Gaia energy that opens you to a sexual potential that is unparalleled.

I have been a lover of crystal energy my whole life, and was thrilled to discover these. These sacred items created a conscious sensual presence that was beyond divine, fueled with deep Earthy energy. I invite anyone that longs for spirited connection and deep sensual pleasure in an authentic way to give these a try.

These can be used alone with your Goddess self or with a partner.



Like any sacred ritual tool, they can be charged with energy. You can charge them under the Full Moon light to cleanse and empower with Lady Luna’s energy. Experiment with different phases of the Moon’s energy to infuse your Chakrub with focused intentions.

You can dedicate them with intentions that fit with with sort of stones they are (eg: Rose Quartz, “open me to pure, true, love”) and you can even dedicate them with a sacred name.

Sleep with them under your pillow to tap deeper into your dreams. When working with powerful Earth stones, you can use the energy to bring answers in the night that exist on other planes.

Display them on your altar or use them in rituals when a personal and potent energy is needed. The wand shape is especially powerful for directing energy.




roseRose Quartz:



  • Open the heart chakra to all forms of love – platonic, romantic, erotic, self, unconditional, brotherly
  • Sooth and lower stress levels
  • Bring gentleness, forgiveness, compassion
  • Remove fear, resentment, anger
  • Attract romantic love
  • Raise self-esteem and self worth


0004_j2__83752.1444850010.450.500 - Copy



  • Calming, peaceful stone
  • Brings balance & harmony
  • Healing past
  • Lucid dream stone
  • Brings contentment & happiness
  • Emotional stability & inner strength
  • Meditation


0002_redstone2__63861.1444850775.450.500 - Copy

“Gaia Stone” Red Jasper


  • Stimulates & increases energy
  • Brings insight, strength & stability
  • Powerful grounding energy
  • Potent Earth & Gaia vibration
  • Creates balance


0022_prism3__75057.1444865373.450.500 - Copy

Clear Quartz


  • Amplifying & enhances energy
  • Manifesting stone
  • Channeling, healing & meditation
  • Harmonizing & balancing
  • Potent for programming
  • Dispels & clears negative energy


blackBlack Onyx:



  • In overcoming past relationships
  • Guard against negativity
  • Help create emotional stability
  • Sexual health and self control
  • Absorb and transforms negative energy
  • Ease the root chakra, ovaries, womb and menses


whiteWhite Jade:



  • Filter out unwanted distractions
  • Boost Energy
  • Open Heart Chakra
  • Release negative thoughts
  • Bring serenity
  • Encourage self-realization


Green Aventurine:



  • Attract opportunity
  • Release old patterns
  • Bring optimism and zest for life
  • Enhance creativity
  • Sooth brutal temperaments
  • Diminish the effects of domestic strife between spouses
  • Encourages love later in life


blue Blue Aventurine:



  • Promote inner strength
  • Enhance masculine energies
  • Stimulate third eye and throat chakras
  • Open oneself to higher spiritual guidance
  • Encourage open and honest communication from the heart
  • Overcome habits no longer working for us
  • Earn respect



orange Orange Aventurine:



  • Manifest exciting possibilities
  • Deal with issues of self-worth
  • Quiet critical judgement of the inner voice
  • Calm and still the mind


0020_black_ball__89395.1444865932.450.500 - CopyBlack Obsidian


  • Protective
  • Shielding against negative energy
  • Sharpens focus
  • Good for manifestation work
  • Bridge for connection between emotion & mind
  • Helps with buried issues



the original set


“Chakrubs are sex toys made from 100% pure crystal that bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.  These beautiful, hand-crafted tools are created with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide. Crystals have perfect molecular structures that have positive effects on our electro-magnetic fields. When our energetic bodies are at ease, we are at ease, we are open to healing, to peace, to love, to all of life’s pleasures.

‘Chakrubs’ derives from Chakra, a Sanskrit word describing energy wheels. Chakrubs urge you to feel deeply, passionately, subtly.  Light up your chakras, and create an intentional practice that that not only gets you off, but turns you on in way in which you will remain turned on and awakened with a renewed sense of self-awareness and wisdom.

We believe that by purchasing your Chakrub, you tell the universe you are ready to explore what it means to be activated by your own sensual body. You are ready to delve into your humanness, your divinity, to heal wounds that may hold you back, to discover what is unique about you.

Creating an intentional practice with Chakrubs entails learning to quiet the mind in order to feel subtle energies, develop emotional intelligence, strengthen self-awareness, and accepting every aspect of who you are. We at Chakrubs are committed to helping our customers express themselves in healthy and beautiful ways. We believe that our customers are pioneers, are gods and goddesses, and are helping to shape what this company is. We welcome all feedback, stories, and ideas. We love that you love yourself. Choosing Chakrubs tells us you love yourself because Chakrubs:

-Are body-safe, made from the earth, and provided with love

-Sensitizes you so you may feel tingles from even the slightest, sensual touch

-Create harmony in mind, body, spirit

-Reduces stress

-Extracts repressed emotions

-Removes blocks caused by sexual trauma

-Creates deeper intimacy with the self and with your partner

-Encourages self-awareness and mindfulness

-Sets the tone for you to create your own intentions of wellness

We all carry the ability to expand our awareness and evolve neverendingly towards greater happiness and ease. Crystals have been utilized for thousands of years with ancient knowledge that they are a physical entity to assist us with getting in touch with these spiritual ideas and practices.

Welcome to yourself.”

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Let us know what you think about these amazing sacred instruments!!!

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